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    Aug 29, 2004
    I'm sorry if there is a thread like this, but i couldn't find it :( Please post online apple retail stores or other online stores that sell apples.

    I will start of with:

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    Apr 30, 2005
    The complete it?
    http://www.macwarehouse (this is actually CDW)

    Note that most of the Apple resellers do not provide substantial discounts (unlike other products). You may save on the sales tax in many stores other than Apple (depends on the store's location and your location).

    B&H Photo and J&R are reputed stores in NYC.
    CompUSA is also somewhat good for Apple systems.
    Powermax will not respond to online enquiries (although they claim to be very customer friendly).

    I have no clue about all the others in terms of reliability and service. An additional point you may want to note is that there are online sellers who state that Apple's agreement with them does not allow them to sell new systems online (unless you have physically purchased some other Apple product from the store before) - I don't know what the big deal about this is, but smalldog is one of them. If you're a new switcher, rule out smalldog unless you live somewhere close to their physical store.

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