Online backup solutions for video content?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by nickane, May 26, 2008.

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    Any suggestions? I was gonna go with mozy but did a quick search for it on here and found this very negative thread:

    which in turn featured a link to this very negative article

    which basically says that the only backup services worth using cost about $200/month for over 20gigs.

    I need to backup footage of films I've worked on for my showreel, but half of those are too high profile to risk leaking. In the VFX industry, artists are officially not allowed to get footage for the use of their showreel until the company is allowed to make it available to them. That varies from production to production and can be anything from once it's had a cinema release to never, but generally once it's out on dvd, you're safe to distribute it. As companies tend to nearline/offline all footage at the end of a production to save themselves space, this tends to mean that they can't ever be bothered to get the footage to the artists they no longer employ. The end result is that artists just nick the footage themselves and only put it on their reel once they're sure they won't get sued (and never get work again). So, I really need an online backup service that will ensure that shots I work on don't end up on digg. But at the same time, I can't afford to pay too much and I definitely need unlimited backup, as my music library and footage together run to over 200 gigs and are both growing pretty quickly.

    Any ideas? Is there any way I can encrypt the data locally before backing it up that will still be ok once my house burns down/hard drive fails? I know nothing about encryption. What services are popular with content producers, cos most of the ones i've been recommended aren't mac compatible?
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    Why not just back to an external and keep it in a safe deposit box?


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