OS X Online Games slow to connect.

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by Washac, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. Washac, Apr 23, 2013
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    Jul 2, 2006
    Before I contact my new ISP I was wondering if anybody here can help me answer this ?

    My broadband was changed over today for a new ISP and bought a nice new Netgear DGN2200 modem/router.

    This is all setup and the internet works absolutely fine.

    Problem is with logging into online games, all the ones I play are now slow to log into.

    Could this be a line latency issue ?
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    Feb 18, 2010
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    Jul 2, 2006
    I have setup all the port forwarding as per the port forwarding website.
  4. Dirtyharry50, Apr 24, 2013
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    I would not be inclined to suspect a problem with ports access if you are able to successfully login. Are the login times really bad or are you noticing a slightly longer time to get into the games? I'm wondering if your ISP's routing to the login servers of the affected games might be the issue causing a change in the speed you are accustomed to.

    If the times are really bad, I'd call the ISP to troubleshoot this and ask them if routing on their end could be a player in this issue. Of course, an inept first line tech might just say no out of hand but I wouldn't accept that if they cannot help you correct the problem in some other way. The painful part of this process is they will make you go through their support script in its entirety before they'll elevate your call to advanced support. If first line support doesn't fix it, not all is lost though. At that point, I would certainly ask for my call to be elevated to the next level of support and insist on it. I've needed to do this in the past with Comcast and it was the only way to get results. So far, in two years of experience with Charter I have not needed support for anything. Who knew moving to the country would get me better Internet access?

    Oh, and if you are not using a modem/router supplied by or explicitly supported by the ISP, be prepared for them to blame the hardware right away. They might not but I can only speak from experience where in my case they did and I had the distinct impression the techs wanted to dispose of me and my troubles as rapidly as possible. Blaming somebody else is of course a very convenient way to accomplish this. So you might get stuck with doing an exchange of the hardware if things go badly, just to prove to them it isn't the hardware.

    Good luck man. This kind of stuff is no fun. I hope that it is only a small change you've noticed and something that wouldn't be any big deal to live with if life is good otherwise, especially once in game of course.
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    Sep 19, 2012
    I had a really bad experience with connectivity issues with my netgear. Their technical support was garbage as well. Once I replaced my netgear stuff, I didn't have anymore issues.
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    I think this maybe the issue.


    What did you change to ?

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