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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Emerson, Jul 26, 2006.

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    First of all let me say that I am strictly a digital shooter (23 years old, grew up digital), so this is slightly new territory for me. I got married a couple of months back, and out wedding photographer used digital, 35mm film, and medium format (120) film. Part of our package was to receive the digital files, and all the negatives, along with our package of prints. Now I have a letter from our wedding photographer with the release and have already contacted her making sure that she has no problems with what I am doing. Basically I want to get all of our wedding negatives scanned (high quality, printable scans) and was wondering if anyone could suggest an online service to do this. I have talked to my local labs (its Iowa, not too many choices) and their prices are pretty darn high ($10-$15, per negative), so I am looking at a few online choices and was hoping someone here might have some experience, or suggestions about where to get this done. Thanks ahead of time.

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    A&I Labs in one of the best profesional photo labs in Los Angeles, They are actually in Hollywood. I've used them for custom prints. It's nice to be able to talk to the printer and tell him about color you want and how you's like this hightlite taken down and this partheld just above black and to be able to give him a pencil sketch t guide cropping. You pay for it but then you get what you pay for. The best profesional photographers in the bussines use this lab.

    They can scan film and will charge based on your requirements for quality. Do you really need every bit of information off the negs or do yu just want a scann good enough so you can put the image up on the web? They can do fine art quality drum scans but do you need a 100MB file and want to pay $45. They can do cheap flat bed scans too. What you should do is call then and decide what you need. If you want to make a wall sized print from a medium format negative then you do need the huge file size and $45 is reasonable but for the web a low res scan is good enough.

    You could buy a scanner too. If all yu need is "reasonable" quality. A $250 Epson is cost effective. But it takes time, that i why no one does it cheap.

    Cal then at 888-666-5199 or look here. But it will be
    hard to know what you need, so call.

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