Online Photo Sharing within Private Group - Recommendations?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by PDJ-SF, Apr 18, 2016.

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    Mar 16, 2011
    Looking for suggestions and recommendations.

    The objective is to find an online host / service to share photos among a private group. In this case, it is a organization of mothers and daughters whose activities are to support local charities. The group has been in existence for decades and will continue long after the current participants have "graduated". I do not want to create my own sharing infrastructure using OSx server so control can be easily passed to the next administrator. The group wants to adopt (create) a system for sharing of photos online among the members of the group but not for the general public.

    Privileges - I foresee the need for 3 levels of access privileges: (A) Administrators - control everything (one or two people), (B) Contributors- take photos at events and upload them (maybe 12 people), (C) viewers - member of the group who can view and even download individual photos (up to 200 people). Creating individual specific authentications for the Administrators and Contributors would not be a large burden. For the User group, I would prefer to have a site password that is communicated to the group rather than having to create individual log-ins.

    Structure - I would think a multi-tiered folder structure is probably the most efficient. Such as Level 1 Folder - the group, Level 2 Folders by class years Class of 2017, Class of 2018, etc plus a Multi-class folder for events that include participants from more than 1 class. Level 3 folders by Date of Event, Level 4 folders by Event Name. Open to all suggestions. Also, is there an easy way to add folder info to the image files' metadata. (Metadata example: Group; Class of 2017; April 1, 1976; Founder's Day).

    Additional features - I do not expect the group to add the names of the people who appear in each photo. Do any of the sharing sites offer facial recognition or similar gee-whiz technology to make the sharing experience faster, better, slicker?

    Fee or Free - I expect there will be a cost to the hosting / service. I am of the view that if you are not paying $ for the service, the service is getting something else of value from you. In this case, we want the photos to remain private.

    Thank you for all your ideas.
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    Professionally - for my engineering firm/job, we/I use a Sharepoint portal in my Office 365 space. I'm not recommending this option, but it works, it's slick in that it's available via the web/Windows/Linux/OS X/Android/iOS/Windows Phone.

    Personally, ALL of my friends use Cluster and Shutterfly.

    FWIW, I do own and use a Mini Server - but not for this!!!
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    Maybe Zenfolio but I'm not sure if it provides all the controls you are looking for. I have used it for years and I have a section that is open to anyone and a section that is limited to family only with a password. I believe you could set it up the way you want. There is also a mobile app that you can provide general viewers through an email link that lets them view a specific portfolio. You can set it up with just about any kind of folder/gallery structure you want.

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