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    Oct 2, 2003
    Great Pictures of Peter Tork! So I'm going to an all-inclusive in the Dominican next week. Gonna be there a week and have my 4MP camera with a 512MB compact flash card. Probably good for a couple hundred pictures. I'm a little concerned that I may fill it before the end of the trip and what to do then.

    I don't want to buy another card as I am waiting for the iPod photo camera connector to come out. I don't think there's a photo store at the resort or I'd be able to back up the card to CD whenever I want. But there is an office center with computers you can use. It just now occurred to me that I could call and see if the computers have CD burners. That could help. I'm sure they would be Windows pcs so I don't know what the software options might be.

    But to my original question, are there online services where I could store all of my photos? The key being that I can load them direct from my digital camera so that my pictures don't end up on a foreign computer for any period of time.

    Or maybe you geniuses have some other ideas.
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    Oct 11, 2004
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    Err... what camera do you have that has a Web browser and an ethernet port built in??

    Barring that, the pictures would have to pass through a net-connected computer, no matter how briefly. If you used an FTP program and uploaded them directly off the memory card I suppose you could minimize the exposure, but I make it a practice to never operate directly from a flash card; too much risk of corrupting the data.

    A .Mac account or any other internet account that came with copious webspace could be used to FTP the files up. Do set this up and test it before leaving.

    On the other hand; you're splashing out for an island holiday and won't spend $30 - 50 on a backup flash card for your camera?? Oi.

    Edit, sorry, noticed the location: should read CAN$40 - $80 for a flash card.
    Also should read Eh? instead of Oi.
    Don't forget the sunscreen ;)
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    Jan 7, 2002
    Have fun uploading 512mb through the Internet. :rolleyes:
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    Nov 5, 2002
    u could rent soe webserver space ---- would only work if both the server and upload was really fast and even then, your best bet is to burn CDs if you can .... aka the original plan

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