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    May 12, 2010
    I am looking to sell my LaCie thunderbolt esata hub, I have it on ebay auction right now, but it is going fairly slow, with only 1 bid and about 10 watchers, I fear I may not get anything for it, and if I could find an online buyer who would give me at least something for it, I may cancel my ebay auction if it is possible.
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    I am sure you know how the game is played on Ebay. People love to wait till the last minute to bid thinking they will save money. In most cases I find they end up spending more than it is worth or at least what it is worth.

    Have you considered trying in the Marketplace? You may not get as much, but at least you do not have the hassle of fee's to Ebay and Paypal. Plus the people in the Marketplace here on MacRumors are much easier to deal with. At least that is what I have found.

    Most online places are going to charge some kind of fee to sell it. Craigslist may be another alternative, but then you are stuck sometimes with lowball offers and having to run around.

    Edit: Could try
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    thanks for the link, I do seem to be aquiring a new watcher each day, dont know if that means much.

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