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    May 28, 2017
    Hello, I'm fairly new to Swift programming (about 2 weeks). I'm coming to Swift from many years of Java.

    I'm running OS X Yosemite and cannot switch to El Capitan or Sierra for app/machine compatibility reasons. This means I'm tied to XCode 7.x, which means I'm tied to Swift 2.x (currently using Swift 2.0 with XCode 7.0).

    Now, I know that XCode has a "documentation and reference" feature, but that points me to the online Apple reference, which, I assume, is for the latest version of Swift (3.x). For example, a search in XCode for "NSMenu" points me to this page:

    So, where is the documentation for Swift 2.x ???

    In the Java(Oracle) world, docs are neatly organized by language version, like so:

    Java 6 reference:
    Java 7 reference:

    And, I'm expecting something similar for Swift. So, I'm totally lost !

    I've tried, several times, to look online for a comprehensive Swift 2.0 reference, but have found no resources. Everything and everyone is talking about 3.x as if 2.x doesn't exist anymore.

    Does Apple not archive documentation for past versions of their programming languages ? I find that astonishing if it's true.

    Please help ! Thanks !
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    Great, thank you so much !

    If I could find a reference for 2.0, that would be ideal, but 2.1 is close enough. There seem to be significant differences across even minor versions.

    Actually, I'm going to try using XCode 7.2. I'm surprised at how much time it took me to find Apple's release notes for XCode. I can't even use 7.3, it seems. XCode 7.2 supports Swift 2.1, so hopefully, I'll be able to make full use of the docs you pointed me to.

    Thanks again.

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