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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by yg17, Jan 22, 2007.

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    Last year was the first time I e-filed my taxes. I used H&R Block's online thingy and it worked out well, except it ended up costing me around 30 bucks to do fed and state. But, it was real easy to use...enter some numbers from my W2, submit, impaitently wait for my refund and then quickly spend that refund :D

    Are there any sites out there that might offer cheaper or free e-file for both fed and state? Something easy to be use would be nice, because I really have no idea what the hell I'm doing unless the thing tells me exactly what to enter. Or is 30 bucks the best I'm going to do?

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    It depends on your income. The IRS has a link to file for free (I think) if you're a 1040EZ filer. I use Turbo Tax, and have been for three or four years. It's convenient. It transfers your information from the previous year to get you started. You're going to pay someone either way, so I just pay the bucks and get the funds transferred in (or out) of my account.
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    You can always mail it in and you'll get your return pretty fast ... especially if you do it now.
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    There may be cheaper alternatives but be careful and make sure they back your returns. If you screw up H&R backs you up with audit protection if you efile and now that's free. If you walk into their office the price is even more for the entire tax filing. I wouldn't want some chump at H&R offices to do my taxes because trust me when I say this, they're a dime a dozen. The only time I allowed them to file my taxes I got a letter that said the feds adjusted my return and I ended up in the red. The best thing though was I got a refund on my filing because I had my family's accountant go over the return and while I didn't pay for audit protection they made such a huge error that they had no other choice--that or a lawsuit and I think a refund was cheaper.
    Just be careful. It's not worth saving $30 to find out you're being audited or there is an error on your return. CBA my friend. :)

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