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    This is from the bottom of their page....
    "This service entitles you to access the location, evaluation, and or recommendation of software available from the web site and for the installation and technical support provided. does not host any videos or TV streams on our website. We provide an easier access to these streams which are otherwise freely available on the net. All channel names, content, and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. We are not affiliated and we do not claim to be affiliated with any of the owners or providers of videos and TV streams which are accessible through our website."

    That's at the bottom of their main page, or at least the page you linked too.

    The part that catches my attention is
    "....these streams which are otherwise freely available on the net."

    So, try Hulu, or XBMC, or Boxee...they all provide access to these freely available streams.

    Just, my 2 cents.

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