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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by cosmichobo, Mar 1, 2012.

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    My father runs a country music festival. Copyright is handled quite simply - a % of ticket sales (I think he said 1.5%) is paid to APRA (Australasian Performing Right Association), with a list of which songs were performed. Those funds are then distributed to the appropriate copyright owners.

    Let's face it - YouTube and plenty of other online video facilities are overrun with copyright material, being used inappropriatetly.

    So, shouldn't it be possible to work out something similar to APRA?


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    I don't get your point. What do you mean by "work out something similar"? That youtube should make deals with copyright owners to give them some money for having their content being played on the site? They do that already. Big time.

    If you either want to know more or I misunderstood your question, please shoot (so a non-native English speaker like me can understand. ;)).
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    Big difference between royalties for a one time live performance and royalties for global distribution in perpetuity.

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    Gangs like APRA would be the first ones who'd like to shut down YouTube, so I doubt that Google can get a deal. How much would you be willing to spend to watch copyrighted material on the Tube?

    There is, however, a need for the "old" industry to shift their paradigms into the "new" media. The industry's ben sleeping at the wheel when the internet came up, and their still not awake yet.
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    YouTube tries to match music with catalog, and post ads when the music matches copyrighted material.
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    From what I've just been reading, YouTube do have royalty plans in place (in some or all countries), however for example, when they refused to pay the % being asked back in 2009 by the UK, they "pulled" all of those videos...

    From this, I gather that yes, YouTube pay royalties, but only on videos uploaded by the copyright owner.

    So if Jo NoOne goes and uploads a video featuring "Yesterday" by The Beatles, no money is paid to the copyright owner...(? Yes / No ?)

    Yes, this is a major problem, especially as piracy is all too easy, both in deliberate acts, and by accident.

    Indeed I've seen that all too annoyingly often... though other than possibly tempting the viewer to click on the ad, I'm assuming again nothing goes to the copyright owner...

    My thoughts were either the uploader must pay a (minimal) fee (ie $2-5), and this fee is passed on to the copyright owner/s of the footage... (Potentially now the uploader could legally use the "Monetize" option, so that if their video goes viral, they get something back)

    Of course, that would stymie uploaders...

    Another option would be a that a % of YouTube's profits be paid to the copyright owners - with more intense scrutiny of uploaded videos... likely requiring the uploader to list the source/s of the material, so that the money can be paid to the appropriate owner/s.

    The 2nd option more mimics the music festival plan.

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