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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by chaostik, Feb 19, 2014.

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    Does anyone know good software to use as an online whiteboard for academic collaboration?

    In more detail: I am an academic collaborating on maths research with people at far flung universities and we hold online meetings to discuss papers we've read etc. To be able to discuss them we really need a decent online whiteboard and the ability to write maths very naturally (i.e. regular typing won't cut it and writing LaTeX live is way too cumbersome).

    I bought a Jot Pro 2 stylus and I think I can produce bearably legible maths with it using Notability, so what would be completely perfect now is if there was a way to broadcast my screen in Notability to the other participants (they don't need to necessarily be able to add to the whiteboard though that would be a bonus). Also, can't assume all participants have iPads.

    I did find SyncPad which is almost perfect: it enables the other participants to load a web page which has a view of what I'm writing live. However, there is a huge flaw which is that the whiteboard doesn't scroll so you can hardly fit anything on the screen. Hence the online part of SyncPad, but the full document control, zooming and scrolling ability of Notability would be completely perfect.

    Anyone have any ideas or experience of this?

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    Oops -- sorry about that and thanks to the admin who moved to the right sub forum! I had that sudden jolt of realisation just after hitting post and editing doesn't allow ordinary users to move it.
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    Take a look at Doceri - if you don't need the ability to share the whiteboard it does a nice job of acting as an annotation device. They have a special pen that adds palm rejection as well.
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    If you are already using a conference application (like WebEx, GoToMeeting, etc) ... you could use something like AirServer (available for PC and MAC) that allows your laptop to act like an "AppleTV" and mirror your iPad screen (via AirPlay) on your laptop/computer. You then share the AirServer window as you would normally in your conferencing software.

    Folks obviously will not be able to add to your drawings, but they will at least be able to see what you are doing on your iPad - real time.

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