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    Any of you folks play games on this service? Games are streamed to your device like a Netflix movie. Not many games come to the Mac but if they do, it may be a long wait. However, with this service, you can just play right away. No need upgrading to the latest hardware. No need to worry about physical space in your home or file space on your device. All you need is the application to gain access to the service and good internet connection. As much as I enjoy this service, not every game and sometimes add-on content I want is on there yet. Therefore, I still mostly have to stick to consoles and computers that can run the games I want to play.
  2. Ov3rlord Falc0r macrumors regular

    Apr 29, 2009
    I actually use this program off and on since its release. I play LA Noire and Saints Row the Third but I can't play anything more fast pace than that. Living in my area which isn't close to any of the servers nor do we have the greatest internet speeds out here, I can feel just a tad bit of lag between my mouse/keyboard and what happens on screen. So fast paced games like F3AR and the like don't feel quite right. Games like LA Noire and Saints Row don't require such an exact feel that they play great regardless of the connection.

    I do like the service and like I said if I had a better connection I would play more games on there. They have some quite good deals price wise for games. I even do a lot of the free trials of games they offer too just to see how a game is before I buy it even if I'm buying it for my 360.
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    May 29, 2011
    I was one of the 'founding life supporter/beta members' or whatever the title was at the time. It's a phenomenal service - I could run games on my then old, now older C2D MacBook that I never would be able to if I was running the game on my physical hardware.

    At the time, games were unfortunately being sold for basically retail pricing, just through OnLive. It was like a much worse version of Steam. The only positive was you got to do little demos of basically everything. If the pricing has changed, then perhaps it's worth another look.

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