Only mount certain partitions on drive?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by lieb39, Nov 16, 2005.

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    Mar 17, 2005
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    Hello everyone,

    I recently got a External drive for my Powerbook, however I use it on other machines.. even on one machine as a primary drive (it's a Dell, running Windows XP.) Anyways, I have three partitions on the external drive, one NTFS that doesn't mount (don't care, don't need it), one Fat-16 that's some special dell boot / diagnostic tool, and my new partition, "External", fat-32 & 20GB.

    When plugging in the special dell partition and my "external" partition are mounted.. how can I make it only mount my "external" partition?


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    Dec 4, 2002
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    As far as I know, OS X will always mount all partitions possible. You can put it in the Windows PC and then put a . in front of the 2 partitions you don't want to mount and they won't appear in OS X. Not sure if that will screw up everything else on the PC side though. In OS X/Unix, anything with a . in front of the name, makes it invisible to the normal user(s).

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