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    Backing up my NOTES from my iPhone. I have about twenty already acuumulated and need to consolidate all. The one method that work is sending every note to email (Outlook), sending them to a folder and converting to Excel or PDF.

    I would like to copy and transfer to my PC and edit (consolidate them).

    I tried Outlook with iTunes and three other free utilities and one commonality amongst them are, each of them only could see only one note from my iPhone. The only note recognized happened to the first note I ever created. Why so? Howver, I tried a paid utility, it say all my notes, but can't even try it if it will work. I would rather use a free utility to do this.

    Again, my main goal is to transfer all my notes to my PC, edit them all and consolidate in a word processing app. If I can find a way, I'll give a try, the Microsoft OneNote from the AppStore.

  2. Oka, Mar 28, 2015
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    Note Export Issue Resolved!

    I just found what the issue is. I have always suspected it is the device (iPhone) since the utilities I used happen to have the same results.

    Including Microsoft Outlook, they only see one of my notes, which was the first one ever created and happen to be in the "From My PC" folder in the iPhone. The rest of the notes are on the "Yahoo Mail!" folder. When I copy from the latter and paste into the "From My PC", I can now see then notes in the transfer utilities (all the ones I have installed and tried). So, afterall, the utilites are OK but the source of the notes is the issue. I will be moving my notes to the 'correct' folder for export. But still looking how to transfer them in a whole than copying contents from one to creating a new one in the "right" folder.

    So with iPhone, create notes in "From My PC" tab/folder. :D

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