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    I have my calendars synced between my iPhone, Macbook, iPad, and It all worked great until about a week ago when stopped showing some of the events. It seems to be events from every calendar I have (8 calendars), and only some events. For example, it won't show when I have work, but it will show when I have a meeting on my work calendar. It also seems to show very few of the all day events. It's not events I just created, it's events that have been on my calendar for weeks to months (although some of those do show). I don't know why this started happening, or what I can do to fix it. Help?

    I've seen that some people who have issues fix them by changing the time zone, but that did nothing for me.
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    I get this occasionally.

    the work around I found is to re-enter the password. Or when it is a little more stubborn, rem0ve the account and then re-add it.

    But do check first that you are putting the events in the correct calendar.

    This has me running around often. Particularly when iPhone decides to enter the event in "on my iPhone".
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    This same thing has started happening to me! It's terrible, I've done so much without a fix. It started about 4 days ago...only some of my events in one of my icloud calendars was not showing up on my idevices (everything on my computer was still OK though). I tried everything from resetting accounts, backing up/restoring calendars, etc... I spent about 2 hours yesterday on the phone with Apple with 2 different advisors and neither could fully resolve my situation.

    Here's what I've narrowed the problem down to: it's not a syncing problem (since whatever I see on shows up on my iphone/ipad). The events that seems to disappear magically on the icloud servers are RECURRING EVENTS (I have seen no problems with single events). Even when I make a new event to test my calendar, it will sync with icloud correctly for a few minutes/hours, then I'll look again and the recurring events will have again disappeared.

    Between this and all the bugs in iOS6 with Exchange, I'm losing my patience with Apple... in any case, to the TS, have you noticed similar symptoms? Are the events that are disappearing on your icloud also recurring/repeat events?
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    I'm having the same issue and I think it started when I updated to the latest firmware. I sync icloud on my MBA, Ipad mini and Iphone 5. The MBA and ipad mini sync perfectly, but nothing will sync with the iphone 5. I heavly rely on icloud calendars for work and have been in a mess since Saturday.

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