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    As you probably all know, iTunes has recently published iTunes Rewind, showing the best of 2010 in Music, Films, Podcasts etc. In iBooks, I was IMMENSELY pleased to see that when selecting "Fiction" and then asking it to sort the books by "All Time Bestsellers" my debut novel "Codex" was at Number Five - the 5th bestselling book of 2010. Whilst I was suitably trashed by Peter James' "The Perfect Murder" in the Mysteries and Thrillers category, Peter's book (he's a smashing guy, by the way!) was a short story - making Codex the BESTSELLING FULL-LENGTH THRILLER ON THE iBOOKSTORE OF 2010.


    Excellent, I thought. Better than excellent - I was absolutely chuffed to bits (and many thanks to all those who bought, rated and reviewed!!)

    Until... Hodder & Stoughton realised that Jodi Picoult's novel "Picture Perfect" was Number Two for the year in the "Fiction and Literature" category (where it had been since its release) but that they could grab Number One (Full-Length) if they changed her category at the last minute to "Mysteries & Thrillers".

    Which they did...


    I've not read the book but, based on the synopsis, it doesn't strike me as either a Mystery or a Thriller. They just wanted to grab the Top Spot.

    But it's mine! Mine, I tell you, MINE!!!!!


    (Do I sound bitter? I'm not. Not really. OK, perhaps just a little bit! As a debut novelist and HUGE Apple Fanboy, I'd rather lay claim to a tenuous Number One Slot than a tenuous Number Two or, indeed, actual Number Five!)

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    Want some cheese with that?

    At least you didn't get beaten by a children's Twilight book. Err, wait. :D

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