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    Mar 12, 2009
    So the story begins... I purchased my refurbished 16 gb iPhone 3g off of AT&T's website for $199.99. I received the phone a few days later. Also included in the box was a new 3g SIM card. I did a little research on the internet to see if I could use my old 3g card from my sony ericsson, all answers turned up "yes". So, i went ahead and popped it in, avoiding activation through AT&T, as well as loss of all my contacts. Everything was going swell until I checked my account on AT&T.com.

    Now, keep in mind that right after I upgraded my phone via the internet, AT&T's website showed that I was using an iphone 3g. This made me assume that it was perfectly okay to use my old SIM card, being that AT&T knew I was using an iPhone 3g with the $30 data plan... or so I thought. Under my phone number it displayed an overage of 157mb. I immediately needed a change of pants. After changing my pants, I contacted AT&T and explained my problem to one of their illegal immigrants via live chat. The man said "on my end I see that you are still using a sony ericsson and no iPhone data plan" (this would have been correct as of a few weeks ago)

    Then it hit me, this huge overage was caused by my ignorance during activation. I then explained what I had done and was told that I would have to pay all of the overage charges. I didn't feel like talking to my amigo any more on live chat, so I closed out.

    So, assuming the data plan will show up on my very large bill, do you think AT&T will reimburse me for my mistake, being that I was in fact paying for unlimited data, I was just simply using the wrong SIM card?
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    It happens, the best thing to do is call them.. See if they can bump you up to a contracted data plan, drop the charges.. I have seen them do it before....

    The worst thing to do is dwell on it. Get it taken care of..
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    You thought you could just pop in any old sim? The iPhone has a special plan that only iPhone's can have. You should have done a little research before you went ahead and NOT activated your iPhone.

    I'm sorry but, I don't feel sorry for you.
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    Me either, you tried to pull a fast one and got caught. I can see all those "illegal immigrants" as you call them talking about your dumb a$$ during their lunch break eating tacos and nachos.

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    Not certain how the guy in the call center would be classified as an "illegal immigrant" given that he is likely a citizen of the country to which the call/chat had been outsourced. Ya got dinged for being a bonehead...deal with it.
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    Dear AT&T,

    I tried to scam you following the advice of unreliable sources.

    I am being charged properly after my deceit was uncovered.

    I don't like "them" people, if you know what I mean.

    I don't want to be charged even though I'm a dumb as s who tried to scam you.

    Please help.

    PS, I am still looking on the internet for people as dumb as me to agree with me (as long as they ain't "them people", if you know what I mean).
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    AT&T. Pay... you. For lying to them to get out of paying for your contract...


    Guys, I have nothing. No witty retort, nothing. It speaks for itself.
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    I don't see how he was scamming them...he was paying for unlimited data.

    No idea if they'll reimburse you though, somehow I doubt they will.
  9. crazzyeddie macrumors 68030


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    You guys obviously failed basic reading comprehension. He IS paying for the iPhone data plan. He just used his old SIM card instead of the new one, and somehow AT&T is billing him for "overage."

    You need to call AT&T. Live Chat won't do it. Call them and work it out. You are paying for the service, you shouldn't be charged.
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    Feb 2, 2009
    when I bought my wife's iPhone from Best Buy the clerk forgot to add the data package to our plan. Less than a week later she got a text message saying that At&T noticed we didn't have it on the plan and that charges could occur. She called and added it to the plan. when we got our bill there was an extra 90 bucks in data overages. A quick call to customer service was all it took to back out the charges. Call them, see what they can do.
  11. dave006 Contributor


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    No you failed the basic reading comprehension!

    He only added the correct iPhone 3G data plan after he got hit with the big bill. A simple case of the OP not reading the instructions that arrived with the refurbished iPhone 3G. It clearly states how to properly complete the activiation process and even provide two different numbers to call based on the customers status.

    He just assuumed that the iPhone 3G data plan would be automatically added even thought he was using the incorrect process to complete the activation process.

    Just a warning if you upgrade throught AT&T Online that iPhone 3G data plan is not automatic. You have to call one of the two toll free numbers to complete the activation and have the activition completed. This process will add the iPhone 3G data plan and the Visual Voicemail. While there are other methods for more seasoned iPhone experts, beginners should follow the directions on the activation sheet that arrives with the phone.

    Again, you can use your existing SIM during the activation process but if you plan to use any data on the iPhone 3G, you really need a data plan unless you want a Pay Per Usage (PPU) charge. Again time to RTFM. :eek:


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    Thanks dave, but crazzyeddy is correct. re-read the second and last paragraphs. I signed up for the data plan when I purchased the phone. I made the mistake of thinking that the data plan wasn't linked directly with my sim card. I thought it just had to be linked to my phone number. And to all of you who say "I got what I deserved" I have no idea what you're talking about? I did not try to scam apple or AT&T in any way, shape, or form. I now activated the correct sim card and will call customer support. Thanks to those of you who have helped.
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    Now back to Days of our MR.

    Anyways best you can do is just contact AT&T and beg them to reimburse you.

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