Universal [Open Beta] Dropout Games' Blyss, An atmosphric ambient puzzle game

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    Tried from all killing in CS Go and CoD? So, are we. Take a 15 minute break and relax yourself with Blyss, a puzzle game to calm your senses. Make sure you've plugged in your earphones!

    We're Dropout Games, a relatively new indie studio from India. We've previously worked on a puzzle game called UNWYND

    We've been working on our next game Blyss for almost a year now. Blyss is an elegant ambient ‘procedural’ puzzle experience. It's a self-evolving endless puzzle experience supported by ambient themes, with each having its own melody. These themes will enhance the gameplay by providing varied range of emotional experiences. While some themes will offer sadness and emptiness, others are happy and bright. Blyss is very simple and clear with its gameplay objective, eliminate every single dot populating the screen and reach highest level you can. As the player delves deeper to the higher levels, more elements are introduced inside the game to pace the difficulty. Blyss also features a Combo System for advanced players who've mastered the basics. While hard to execute, these combos reward high amounts of scores. However, to gain these high amounts of scores, players must risk his moves. Higher you go, more elements get unlocked.

    We'll require more feedback related to the gameplay. If you're the kind of players that enjoyed playing games like Threes!, Alto's Adventure, Prune and other such games that present a challenging yet calm gameplay, then we'd love for your to try out game and provide your feedback.

    We are taking TestFlight signups.

    Interested people can post here or send a Private Message. It would ideally take 2 days or less for you to get an invite.

    The email address you'd be providing would also receive a separate email containing instructions related to the game.


    - Mountain Dreams Sound Track: https://soundcloud.com/user-574790896/mountain-dreams

    - Added a Teaser.

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    Thank You for all the signups so far. We're still taking singups until this Sunday ie. 7th February
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    Jan 31, 2016

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