Mac Open CL on rMPB doesn't work with GT 650M?


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May 29, 2012
I've tried other peoples code,including the code samples from the OpenCL book and all fail with CL_INVALID_VALUE can't create Command queue.

I'm really stumped (and in despair to be honest, as I need this to work for my master thesis). I tried the examples in admin and standard accounts, and using gfxCardStatus forcing to use discrete graphics.

Have you installed anything besides XCode?


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Jun 1, 2005
London, UK
I've tried gcc and clang from the command line with the same result (clang -framework OpenCL hello.c -o hello). Using gfxCardStatus, I've tried both Automatic Switching and Discrete Only, neither of which failed. When set to Automatic Switching, I see the Growl notification that the 650M is briefly engaged before switching back to the 4000. I can only get it to fail if I set properties to a non-zero value in the call to clCreateCommandQueue.

Have you tried passing an error notification callback function into clCreateContext to see if you get anything useful?

#include <OpenCL/cl_ext.h>

context = clCreateContext(0, 1, &device_id, [B]clLogMessagesToStdoutAPPLE[/B], NULL, &err);
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