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    I have a headless Mac Mini running OSX Server 10.7.5. I updated it to 10.7.5 from 10.7.4 a couple of weeks ago. After updating, I started having a lot of problems with an error that would pop up about not putting a disk away properly - even though no disk had been ejected or disconnected.

    This seemed to happen most often overnight while Retrospect was trying to run a backup. The backup would not complete and I would get some flaky behavior on the Mac after clicking the OK button regarding the disk not being put away properly error. The mac would not restart or About this Mac did nothing - I would end up having to power down manually and then restart. These were usb3 Seagate Backup Plus drives connected to usb2 ports which I thought may have something to do with the problem. There is also a Promise Pegasus Thunderbolt array running on the server - have not had any problems with that to date.

    I tried different drives, different ports, different cables etc. and the problem persisted. Last night I downloaded Carbon Copy Cloner to make a bootable backup of my startup disk with the plan being to do rebuild the server. CCC did not work. I had to manually reboot the server this morning and when I went to log back in I got a message that network accounts were unavailable.

    After logging in and starting Server Admin, Open Directory is stopped and will not start. There are error messages in the Kerberos log (failed to open database: Database is locked or in use try again later) and in the LDAP log (/var/db/openldap/authdata/id2entry.bdb unexpected file type or format) and in the Password Server Log (Startup: caught error -1 Server received an error during startup.....Aborting Password Service). The Password Server error log shows an error of type -1 but that is as descriptive as it gets.

    This morning is the first time I have had any of the open directory problems.

    If anybody has any suggestions as to what might have happened and how to fix it or where to look, I would appreciate it greatly.

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    I have encountered the id2entry.bdb error before; I ended up having to restore from an OD backup from a few days before the problem persisted. But considering you can't seem to even get a backup, I'm not sure if this helps.
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    Dave, did you ever find a solution for this? I've encountered the same problem today and it's driving me nuts!

    Thanks in advance

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