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Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by sportsfrk214, Dec 13, 2012.

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    I'll preface this by saying that I absolutely wish Apple would let you choose default apps for things. For example, I wish they'd let you choose Chrome as default web app, Google Maps as a default maps app, etc. The simple fact is that there are just some apps that other companies do better, and if they are willing to implement the APIs that would give it the "integration" with the OS that Apple is always touting, then they should be allowed to do so.

    That being said though, I feel like Apple is too stubborn to ever put that feature in (even though it's a no-brainer IMO). So, I think they really need to expand the "Open in..." feature. If I long-press a link, in addition to the options you currently get ("Open", "Add to reading list", "Copy"), there should be a fourth option, and it should be the open in feature. And from there you'd see any app that supports that API, such as Chrome. The same could go for addresses, calendar events, etc.

    This is by no means a perfect solution, but since Apple seems against letting us choose default apps, I think this would be an ok compromise. Thoughts?
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    It will never happen, this is Apple you are talking about here. And even by some tiny chance that Apple would see the light, the half-solution you propose is still a half-solution.
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    It's weird.... cause for example in the Photos app, you click the share button you get the share options, like sending in mail, facebook etc.

    Now you open a picture message (MMS) and click the share button, you get all those options....but a few more. You get extra 'open in' xx app, like Dropbox or Camera+ etc

    It just seems strange to me.... because of this I believe Apple will (hopefully for iOS 7) implement something like this more system wide. :)

    But setting default apps is a must now for a modern OS.

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    Mar 19, 2012
    Yes. Not being able to set default apps is one of iOS's major flaws this day and age. There's no reason they can't except for their own stubbornness.
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    Ive been asking this for years, but apple keeps things real tight... Here's a good example

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