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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by colinta, Dec 10, 2002.

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    Dec 3, 2002
    Japan, but from Ohio
    Out of love for my iPod, it's intuitive interface, and the features of the calendar and address book, I wanted to start a discussion seeing if anyone had any information or feelings about the possibility of the iPod being a device that people could write their own programs for (eg Palm OS).

    I wouldn't mind writing some simple puzzle-like games and programs that could actually modify some of the calendar info (alarm, data, etc). Here's some questions that come to mind:

    (1) is it feasible? or is the software too tightly linked to the hardware to allow people to write their own programs. what I mean, is the iPod a true multi-tasking program, or is the software that Apple writes for it all one big program. I assume that Blocky is its own program, Calendar is its own program, etc.

    (2) is it worth it? without text input (although I'm sure someone could come up with an interesting way around this using the five buttons and the wheel) and limited screen, etc. it might not be a feasible device to act as a PDA or even a close relative.

    (3) can it handle it? I'm not sure what kind of hardware the iPod uses, but I bet it consists mostly of a battery, hard drive, firewire bus, and not much memory a weak processor. seems like the software could fit on a BASIC stamp.

    (4) other. rumors, other thoughts, etc.

    also, has Apple responded to this inquiry already? I did a brief search but found no info, so I'm assuming it has not been discussed at length.

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