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Mar 28, 2023
On a late 2012 mac mini , I installed ventura os , 4 month ago , been great until yesterday when I installed an update . After update installed OK I tried to install the grafix patch that is said was needed. On reboot the mac hangs permanently on apple logo and progress bar. Left it overnight same status. Attempting to install from time machine back up ( external drive ) , I get " need to install new OS then use migration assistant ). Ran disk utility to repair volumes etc still same.
Question : I have no access to a second mac , can I use a windows PC to create a new usb installer , then use to install fresh ventura on the mac ?
Or is there a way to get the newest OS version that 2012 mac mini supports via apple "internet" recovery ?
Thanks for any help in advance.
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Apr 8, 2023
Hello, let me explain this. I believe this due to the efi problem error. as the Open Pacther is unique efi for every mac. I have the same problem and able to solve. These are my steps:
1. Downgrade to the latest compatible original OS (my mac was High Sierra). - Restart the mac while pressing option shift command R (see this your Mac.,other apps in macOS Recovery.)

2. After long wait for boot up with the recovery disk, navigate to on the right top corner (wifi icon) and login to your wifi connection. Once successful connected, then back to the main page, choose to install - start installing the stock OS over the internet and follow the prompts.

3. Next, setup later for the mac with high sierra, and now you need to install open legacy patcher on High Sierra.

4. Build and Install Open Core

5. Restart, and hold option key then choose EFI Boot

6. and follow this to install Monterey

7. I believe use the Monterey at this stage, and I found Ventura performed sluggish on the unsupported mac.
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