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Discussion in 'macOS' started by NRD-Robert, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. NRD-Robert macrumors member


    Aug 6, 2011
    Gavle, Sweden
    Hi everyone,

    The recent update to Air Port Utility, has provided a new stream of concerned feedback from longtime and new mac users who use it for professional and power uses. (What ever you want term these people, myself included).

    There is a genuine concern at the level of dumbing down, uncertainty and iOSification of OSX.

    Everyone wants things to be simpler, quicker and better. Thats technology but removing features is not the way to achieve this. Apple have always managed to make complex tasks simple. Which is one the main selling points and reasons professionals and pro users pick OSX over Linux and Windows.

    Building upon the recent criticism from the AP update. I have volunteered myself to write a open letter to Tim Cook addressing concerns, and have received some signatures and support message.

    This is very important issue to me, and I'm sure to lots of you.

    Please reply with your name and job title and anything else you want to include. Messages for Tim Cook would also be nice i will include with the letter. I will send it after i get few more sigs.

    Please do not reply and flame this post with the same old (Ohh its tech moving forward blah blah, because your argument is lost when features get removed in the name of so called "moving forward".)

    Private message me, email me at or leave a reply. either way i will get it and include it!

    Robert Mizen
    NRD Studios AB
  2. miles01110 macrumors Core


    Jul 24, 2006
    The Ivory Tower (I'm not coming down)
  3. NRD-Robert thread starter macrumors member


    Aug 6, 2011
    Gavle, Sweden
    Thats the beauty of spam rules in Mail, which hopefully Apple don't remove in the name of "moving tech forward and simpler for the masses"

    Either way, it matters not purely because i have got support messages all ready, because of the genuine concern. If people have nothing better to do them spam my email address then i weap for the future of humanity.
  4. Mackilroy macrumors 68040


    Jun 29, 2006
    Fortunately, Apple also released Airport Utility 5.6 which isn't 'dumbed down' at all.
  5. NRD-Robert thread starter macrumors member


    Aug 6, 2011
    Gavle, Sweden

    I know, i found out the streamlined and super easy Apple way. Was advertised and shown to me on a golden plate in SU Mentioned by frustrated users on forums about how lacking and backwards version 6 AU is.

    Im sorry, but it wasn't advertised through software update, only version 6 is. Digging through support sections to get it is not exactly the most elegant solution is it?

    Even if that was acceptable, which of course it isn't. Im now running 2 AirPort Utilities, all because Apple want us to do less with the AirPort.

    I think no one can logically defend Apples recent moves with certain software and updates. I love the idea of making things simpler, but never should be at expense of features that were available before. Its such a cowardly way around a problem.

    If you need reminding,

    Final Cut X
    Quicktime X
    X-Code 4 from SL
    iOS being implemented into OSX, which so far has been ugly and not thought through try well, and read through these forums and you will clearly see that is a widely adopted opinion.
  6. Mackilroy macrumors 68040


    Jun 29, 2006
    I found it in the first post of the Airport topic. Not hard at all. Honestly, how many people need the more complicated program?

    It's easy to logically defend Apple's choices. If you need more features, it's provided. If you don't, and again, how many people do? – you get the version through Software Update.

    To go through your list

    FCPX – they said in advance that it wouldn't be identical to FCP7, and it just got a large update
    QTX – it's an excellent video player for Quicktime files, again, does the average computer user need something more?
    Rosetta – antiquated, and if you're still using programs that need it you should have either upgraded years ago, or stick with 10.6
    Xcode 4 – can't speak much to this, except that my coding friends use it quite a bit.
    OS X Server – can't speak much about this either, I've seen very little commenting on it, either positive or negative
    Xserve – easily their lowest-selling product, it was convenient for some people but for the vast majority it was pointless.
    iOS being implemented into OSX – wrong, absolutely wrong. OS X may have some features from iOS added into it, but it is not at all becoming iOS. I have Lion installed and prefer it to Snow Leopard. The features added into Lion that SL didn't have? I find them useful. Many of the people on this forum who hate Lion hate it because it's different, not because it's functionally worse. They also the audacity to presume anyone who disagrees is not a 'serious user' or 'is brand new to OS X.' Both are arrogant and false.
  7. mrgraff macrumors 6502a


    Apr 18, 2010
    Trust me, Apple could announce that OSX 10.8 will only run on a PC and I guarantee there will be no shortage of defenders.

    I say just use the programs and features that you want or need, and if you're not satisfied, look for third-party tools, learn about workarounds, or become a programmer and build the tools yourself.

    Explaining to Apple that your situation is likely to be the "normal" experience and therefore proves that Apple's latest decision makes no sense, hardly ever seems to change anything.
  8. NRD-Robert thread starter macrumors member


    Aug 6, 2011
    Gavle, Sweden
    You didn't get it at all did you?

    Your whole argument is about "who needs more complicated" "Who needs it" or "Most people don't use it"

    As if those are somehow valid excuses.. they are not at all. Removing features and dumbing down isn't the way forward, restricting users and Apples lack of commitment to its current users are what annoy people.

    Also, you need to rewire your brain. Its mistaking Complicated with Featured. What we want is more features (or just not to be stripped of them).

    Now you can sit back and get every statement you made thrown back at you..

    Airport - Lots of people NEED the features removed. Read the forum post containing it. It speaks for it self.

    FCX - They released a upgrade which was less then its previous. To be honest the mass exodus from FCX speaks for its self.

    Quicktime - Yes Mate, people do need more then quicktime files. Because about 99% of files are not Quicktime... And Quicktime 7 supported more as standard.

    Rosetta - Antiquated yes, needed Yes, by lot of people. Yes could of switched to other software. But many people rely on certain software and can't switch and businesses certainly can not afford to keep jumping to different ships. Rosetta was a quality lifeline for many people so your statement is ridiculous.

    Xcode 4 - They don't support it on SL, which lot of people still have (Because they don't like stuff in Lion or for other reasons) If Xcode was not supported in OS9 or Tiger etc, would be fine, but SL... Honestly.

    OSX Server - Despite what you might read, a lot of people actually use this and lot of love its features and how much easier it is to use over Windows and Linux. Dumbing it down and removing features is not logical at all. Servers are for pro users and only certain people need them. Marketing it as Server for all is all well and good, but not at the expenses of pro users who are the ones answering and supporting peoples problems, questions and queries about OSX Server.

    XServe - So what if it was selling small amounts? Does that matter. Your basically saying "Well we only sold several thousand and we have millions of customers using iPhones etc, so **** the server users". Its not a excuse, they should stay committed to customers. Even more so with enterprise and business.

    On a note about it being pointless for most people. Ford sell cars and trucks. Trucks are pointless for most people, but they have not cancelled it because it is NEEDED by some. XServe and OSX Server are no different.

    As for the iOS Stuff. My statement and others statements on this. Is not that OSX is becoming iOS but that implementation of iOS features into OSX looks ugly and rushed. Some of it is down to opinion but disregarding advanced users and making things simpler and less featured just isn't the way.

    I never once stated those who disagree are not serious users. Only that all of the above can not be logically defended as i have proved. Thousands of users would agree with me. And with you.

    The only difference is, most of yours are guided by blind faith to Apple. Mine are guided by frustration that features are being removed and they are being forgotten. Judging by your defense I'm gone go on a limb and say your new to OSX and Apple. Or your also blindly following and to scared to criticize and not let your self be heard.


    True Mate. Shame is companies and businesses can't always afford or have the time to change. Thats the argument.

    But you are so right about the PC move theory...
  9. klaxamazoo macrumors 6502

    Sep 8, 2006
    I hate Lion because it is functionally poorer in the ways I use my computer.

    - iCal, removed mini-month from week view

    - Address book - removed three column view forcing me to "turn pages" on my computer. Like I need to turn of digital page and want to flip back and forth 10 times a day just so that my digital address book can look like my father's old address book

    - Mission Control - Can't view all your windows at once. Can only see one Spaces' windows at once. Windows overlap, forcing you to use App Expose to find you content, which takes you out of MC and now you can't easily drag windows between spaces. Mission Control is for people that don't mind playing hide-and-seek with their content

    - Grey icons - We spent millions of years evolving both rods and cones in our eyes so that we can see color to make it easy to differentiate between objects. I HATE grey icons. If you want grey icons, that's great. Give us a choice because that is something that is pure personal preference.

    - Doesn't connect to wireless network from Sleep properly

    - Launchpad has horrible Icon management and it is a pain to remove all the junk that gets loaded. Like I really need the 10+ icons that end up in there from Microsoft Office, it should be easy to remove things and I shouldn't have to have a folder just for junk icons.

    - Versions corrupts data and is a pain. About 20% of my documents I open just to look about, poke at them a little and then close without saving. The last thing I want is those changes saved and the last thing I want to do is have to unlock a document, poke around, then select revert, then wait for an animation, then hope I select the correct version to revert to. Versions is a good idea with a piss-poor implementation.

    Lions overall reeks of poorly thought-out, half-assed implementations of what could have been decent ideas. Apple used to make POWERFUL software that was SIMPLE to use. Now they just make SIMPLISTIC software.

    This Simplistic software lacks the underlying power that made Apple good for people that just want it to work without effort AND also people that need that extra bit of control. Now Apple is rapidly trending toward software that does just barely the minimum instead of excelling.
  10. NRD-Robert thread starter macrumors member


    Aug 6, 2011
    Gavle, Sweden
    All those things are great points to make about how buggy and rushed Lion is.

    Plus Address Book and iCal are FUUGGLY!
  11. Mackilroy macrumors 68040


    Jun 29, 2006
    I support having features. Apple gave you options, and you ignored them. That you refuse to see them is not my responsibility. That you also refuse to see that thousands or millions of people don't need, don't care about, or prefer different features is also not my responsibility.

    If you need something, then either you keep using what supports it, or you work to convince the people who make the product you use to continue supporting it in a newer version (i.e. Rosetta and Lion). There's tradeoffs, and you apparently think Apple should continue doing something because they've always done it. I don't.

    Similarly, regarding OS X Server – if the version you have suits your needs, then stick with it, and avoid using the newer version as your primary system until you're sure it does what you need. Isn't that basic common sense?

    Regarding the Xserve – I wasn't making a value judgment, I was making a statement. Apple made the choice to offer a Mac Pro server instead, as they seem to think it suits the needs of the vast majority of their customers. Does that suck for the people who needed and liked having the Xserve? You bet. Is it an area Apple wants to focus on? Doesn't look like it.

    FCPX – everything I've read goes both ways, not one way as you're writing. Some people like it, some people hate it, some people stuck with FCP7, some people switched. They did what worked for them, instead of working themselves into an apoplexy about Apple's choices.

    iOS and OS X. Opinion. I have one, and you have one too, and guess what? That's what it is. Lion's features work for me, and apparently they don't for you.

    You can guess whatever you'd like, but you would be completely wrong. I've been using Macs since 1994 and OS 7. Judging by your offense, you're guided more by emotionalism than by rationality. If you were the latter, you'd make it work for you, use something else, or lobby Apple to change.

    - Then use another product. You aren't required to use iCal. Or convince Apple to change.

    - Same thing. Use another product, or convince Apple to change.

    - Surprising, I've always been able to view all of my windows. I don't play hide-and-seek with any of my content, and I generally have eight or more applications open.

    - Preference

    - Random bug, not the same experience for everyone. I do not have that issue.

    - Preference

    - Also random, and not applicable to everyone. I've yet to have a document corrupted by Versions. You may not use Versions very well, but that doesn't make it poorly implemented.

    They still make powerful software. Just because you may not like the implementation doesn't make it less powerful. You miss that FCPX upgrade too? Apple always said features were going to return, but a complete rewrite is a lot of work in and of itself. You cannot have everything instantly when you want it. Software development takes time.
  12. klaxamazoo macrumors 6502

    Sep 8, 2006
    Yes. You don't need a computer to live and most things in a computer are preferences.

    - Having 8 Applications open does not cause windows to overlap. Having lots of Windows of the same Application does. i.e. open up 8 pdf documents in Preview, they will overlap in Mission Control and App Expose takes you out of MC so you can no longer move the Windows around. I routinely have 40 - 60 windows open for 10 - 15 Applications at a time, MC makes it harder to manage that much content. Not being able to see everything going on in all my Spaces at the same time is also annoying.
    - Just because your workflow doesn't have a problem does not indicate that there isn't a problem. Just like not having Zebra Mussels in the lake near my house doesn't not mean that they are not a problem for a lot of lakes...

    In terms of getting off OSX, I switched to OSX around 10.4 because I really liked the Expose windows management scheme. The loss of good windows management in Lion has already negatively effected my purchasing and my Macbook Air will probably be my last Apple computer unless a good Content/Window manager is developed to replace Mission Control. I might buy a refurbished iMac when I finish my PhD, but after that, OSX 10.7 doesn't have anything more to offer than Windows and I've got all the software I'll need for the next 3 - 5 years on 10.6. Maybe Windows will get some decent support for Virtual Desktops and I know that there are Expose Clones readily available for Windows. So I can switch in the future if I have to. I'd rather switch because Windows got great though, not because OSX got crappy.
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    Aug 6, 2011
    Gavle, Sweden
    Yep definitely something wrong upstairs i think...

    We can't save this one doctor...

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