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Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by roland.g, Feb 9, 2008.

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    There are fanboys, or so-called everywhere, especially here. And there are the haters. And the enviers. And of course there are the switchers. There are those that want PC specs, the latest and greatest, what was announced yesterday in a new redesign today, and all at a lower price. There are the can I combine the student discount with another promo deal. There are the OS X itself is not worth the premium Apple charges. And there are the defenders. The gamers, the graphics artists, the animators, and the photographers all come here to argue with each other about the latest releases, what is missing and what is wrong, ad infinitum, as well as ad nauseam. And that is not going to change. I'm not here to tell anyone they are right or wrong, though it may seem that way. Not going to settle any debate and certainly cannot stop one from starting. Why the MBA sub forum? Well because it is the latest piece of controversy, a source of bitter overpriced under-delivered vs. something along the lines of sliced bread wars.

    As I was sitting last night playing a game of solitaire on my wife's 2G 8GB Product (Red) iPod Nano - and I preface this by saying I have always owned Apple products from a IIe to my current 2.8Ghz 24" iMac and many in between, I was at one point in time a retail employee of theirs, and I ascribe to pay more for something that lasts and performs vs. paying less for something cheap that will break be it a vacuum cleaner, a car, a computer or piece of clothing, as well as being the sort of person who takes care of those things to make them last longer - anyways as I sat looking at this red Nano, one I have held many a time, I was struck by the unmistakable fact that this >1 year Nano owned by my wife, who tends to beat things up, looked as new as the day she got it. Not only did it look new, but as I examined it further, I was simply and undeniably in awe of the completeness of it's design. As Apple is a company that designs and I say that, not produces, but designs phenomenal products, that border on art with their simplicity, and in a day an age of throwaway, designed obsolescence, creates tight, clean, efficient technology. Production is another matter, one they leave to be outsourced and regardless of who makes it no line is going to be without defects, DOAs and other problems. However, setting aside this fact, as I looked at this Nano, or at the keyboard and iMac I am typing on, having witnessed the evolution of the products from clunky large 5GB 1G iPods and my old Performa or countless friends' G3 iMacs in candy colors, to their current line I see that they are so far ahead of the game. My mother has a Dell Inspiron 6000D that I bought for work (and later gave her) pre Boot Camp era, pre Intel in Macs and while it tries with its sparkly aluminum colored plastic and black bottom to be a little Apple like, to bring together some aesthetics, it fails with rubber feet around the screen, multimedia buttons, a ridge along the lower edge of the screen above the Dell logo and an in other ways to be in any way stunning. And that is what Apple gives us. A perfect marriage of form and function. Something you don't mind having in your living room on the coffee table. The sort of thing that elicits "Oh my, that's just beautiful" responses. The fact that my iMac seems to get the "What a gorgeous screen" when people see it, to which I feel compelled to point out that it is the whole computer as I turn it 90 degrees to reveal the profile. My point is that the design, the engineering is what has made iPods, now iPhones, and all the Macs so popular. No Dell, Acer or Viewsonic screen looks like an Apple Cinema Display, no do they show up in many tv shows or movies. Apple products are the Lexus, the Mercedes, the BMW of computers. The attention is in the details, and they pay attention. So don't ask them them to price them like Hondas, or complain that they haven't updated to suit your needs.

    Why is the Mac Pro so expensive? Where is the mid-range tower? When will the iPhone get 3G and GPS? Why are MacBook Pros so much? I don't want integrated graphics! The Mini is underpowered! I can get a PC for so much less! The MacBook Air doesn't have enough ports, or power, and it is overpriced!

    So don't get a Mac Pro. Game on something else, more upgradable. Wait for the iPhone or get a 3G GPS phone that can't hold a candle. Don't get a MacBook Pro. But don't whine about the MacBook. The Mini is entry-level and takes care of a lot of people's needs. The MacBook Air isn't the ultra-portable for you then. Go get a PC and get it cheaper or for the same with better specs. And use XP or Vista. Not everyone has to have a Mac. Not everyone will. If the Apple TV isn't right for you, then it isn't. Get a PS3 or something else that has Blu-Ray in it now. Because Apple is making great stuff, they are doing just fine without you. And if you don't want to own a higher end product and a better experience, or you simply want a different experience, to each his own flavor. I happen to like Apples.
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    Jan 18, 2008
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    I wanted to see a real sub-notebook

    The MacBook Air is not the sub-notebook that I wished Apple would make. Its footprint is just too big. In fact, I'd settle for something that fits in my pocket.

    But I'm getting ahead here. I'm a recent switcher, so let's go back about 3 years...

    When iTunes for Windows came out, I installed it on my Windows XP computer. It was a shock to let a program manage my music files, for I was used to manage everything myself. I had everything in folders, by artists, albums, etc. I raged a bit when iTunes started to move everything around, even though I agreed to let it manage everything.

    And then, I started to add the metadata in iTunes. And using smart playlists. One day I realized that it was the computer's job to manage the files, all I wanted was to organize and play my music. I finally understood what a Mac was all about. All that from a free program!

    So, I bought a 3rd gen, 10GB iPod. Yes I had owned a lot of MP3 players before that (CD-based, CompactFlash-based, you name it). At first I was puzzled as to why there wasn't even a volume control on the iPod (I don't read instructions manuals, they're rarely any help on the PC side). And then I learned to use the iPod correctly, with volume control, song ratings (what? it syncs my ratings back into iTunes? Wow) and everything. Finally a music player that simply played music and didn't try to be a portable computer. Portable iTunes is what iPods are.

    So, when the Mac mini was announced, I decided to switch. Mind you, at first I was afraid that this tiny little box couldn't live up to my old beige PC, which is about 18 times as big. I was used to having a fast CPU, a good GPU, huge fast hard drive, etc. Typical PC mentality. But after only two weeks, the PC was left to gather dust. After all, powerful hardware is nearly useless if the software is unfriendly.

    Now, back to the sub-notebook thing...

    About a month ago, I finally bought a 16GB iPod touch (after they finally announced the five "new apps" for it). I bought it at Costco for 20$ less than the price listed on Apple's website, so it didn't matter that I had to pay 20$ to get the apps. In the end it was the same price.

    When I put my old 3rd gen iPod and my new iPod touch side-by-side, I just can't believe what I'm looking at. There's barely half a decade of time between the two devices, but the iPod touch seems to be right out of a sci-fi movie. It can do music, movies, Safari, Maps, Mail and more.

    So now, I don't care about sub-notebooks. These things can't even fit in my shirt pocket. The iPod touch does.
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    That brought a tear to my eye. This should be a sticky for all to read.
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    I wanted to see a real sub-notebook
    The MacBook Air is not the sub-notebook that I wished Apple would make. Its footprint is just too big. In fact, I'd settle for something that fits in my pocket.
    I'm thinking, ah, reply.........i-Pod Touch, then I read down ,voila, your sentiments too:eek:
    I just love the touch, so much so ,when I need a phone, I no longer need the bells and whistles of the i-phone, I have them, just not the phone,
    The problem is I guess, can i now justify an i-Phone too???:rolleyes:
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    roland.g speak good words! :D

    I completely agree with you, roland.g. I will always recommend Apple products to people who ask me, based on my experience with them. That said, if there is something that they need where an Apple iThing won't fit, then I'll recommend something else. The suggestion here is that Apple doesn't have products that meet everyone's needs. I always find it funny that some people think that Apple owes them something in terms of their product line. Simply put, Apple is a company that is trying to sell products; if you don't like what they offer, don't buy it. If you are a stockholder however, then it's a bit of a different story...:p
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    Wow, just wow. Give this man a cookie. Or better yet a medal.
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    I have always said the Macs are the BMW/Mercedes of the computer world. The design and of course OSX is da bomb. I always spend extra money to buy the finer things in life, why stop when buying a computer. Like the old saying goes "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR"

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    your letter will not change the fundamental way in which apple operates, they not only do what they do very well but the are making money and growing at a very fast rate. A lot is not taken into consideration when people say an equivalent pc is cheaper than a mac, Its not the point, apple isnt saying lets make this product this price and see what we can do, they are designing from scratch, down to small details, ie, the old, if they need to refit a factory in order to do something they want to do, cost will not get in the way. Im very happy with apple as much if not more than when i started using macs 10 years ago or so.
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    That's because it's a glimpse of the future. Apple is so far ahead of everyone its laughable.
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    Jan 13, 2008
    I think one of us missed the entire point of the letter. He's very pleased with how Apple operates.
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    if the ipod touch had edge it would be heaven... heaven i say!
  13. Mr. Funsocks macrumors regular

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    Agreed. The point was to try to get people to stop whining about everything not being perfect to want they want it to be and think about how awesome apple really is. And be thankful for it too.
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    Feb 7, 2008
    Very well said :)

    My quick thoughts...we live in a very wealthy society (be it good or bad), where the way to vote is through your pocketbook. If you don't like the Air, don't buy it and Apple will remove it from their lineup. If the sales aren't there for a product, I guarantee you Apple will respond.
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    Which way do you ‘shhwweeeeing’? ....Dell or Apple?

    I think most of those who visit forums like this one and take the time to make posts ‘happen to like Apples’ too. Actually, I think most on here are passionate and love Apple’s products (as you have outlined in your comments like appreciating the design) and because of this feel the need to express their opinions about the newest Apple releases (whether positive or critical). It is an Apple phenomenon and comes part ‘n’ parcel of Apple’s success. I’d like to see it as a positive thing unique to this company within the technology industry. Much better than being completely apathetic about a company, don’t you think?

    It is the technology industry where development is rapid and the next improved product is just around the corner (or just an unrealistic techno-lust dream in a person’s mind), so naturally, with Apple being an innovative company, many users, fans and potential-switchers will feel the need to express what they would like ideally to purchase.

    I think the problem lies with those consumers who simply don’t understand (or value) the time, dedication and resources put into the design process that means Apple’s products will ALWAYS be at the higher-end of the price scale. Apple is a design-oriented company. The design comes at a premium. So those critical about the price of Apple products and don’t value paying extra for the ‘design’ should be looking to buy something else. I’d like to believe that most viewers on this forum also love design and are happy to pay extra for this.

    If you don’t value paying extra for a ‘designed’ product, remember, Steve Jobs said: "They're making money (Dell) because they're Wal-Mart, we're making it because we're innovating."
  16. instant hit macrumors member

    instant hit

    Jan 26, 2008
    spot-on, spot-on.

    it's also difficult to refrain from using car analogies because the computer industry is so similar -- there are many brands all competing for the same dollar. however, i would have to agree that apple is very much like the bmw/mbz of computers. i'm currently writing an in-depth review of the macbook air and the analogy i've been using is the air positions itself similarly as bmw's new 1-series -- small, best in class engine, but ridiculously over-priced to competing models. most would be better off buying a 3-series (macbook) and for just a little more you can get a 5-series (macbook pro) -- speaking on terms of entry-level models, ceteris paribus.

    yet, most complain that bmw's in general are ridiculously-overpriced machines for what they do -- get you from point A to point B. similarly, any (modern) computer can access the internet, check e-mail, listen to some tunes, and go on IM; and yet, apple's are overpriced for what they do -- they are not utilitarian in any sense of the word. if i want utilitarian i'll go out and buy an eeepc, or a kia, to get the job done. (no offense to any users that purchase those products.)

    in the end, this open letter really should be on all the forums because these views don't just apply to the mba -- they apply to all of apple's products. different strokes for different folks is the adage that seems to work here best.
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    Apple makes great products, if you don't like them, shut up and go elsewhere.

    Is that the letter in a nutshell? Is that what is said in a nice way? Is there no room for disagreement or discontent?
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    Jan 26, 2003
    That's pretty much what I got out of it. Lots of chatter to say what amounts to shut up and take what Apple gives you or @#$%& off.

    And I don't think so.

    I've been using Macs for 15 years and have been very happy with what I've bought. Unfortunately, thanks to the glossy screen on the iMac, I've been shopping around for PCs (and will probably go with HP in the next few weeks.) I've supported Apple with my purchases through their darkest time (circa 1996.) In a small way, the four Macs that I've bought in the last 15 years have helped Apple become what they are. Anyone telling me to just shut up and deal can take a hike. I like Apple's products, but I'm one of the people griping lately because right now, they have nothing in my price range for the power I want. The iMac *would* have been perfect if not for the deal-breaking glossy screen. A headless Mac would have done well but I don't want something as underpowered as the Mac Mini.

    But yeah, I should shut up now. I'm ruining the party. :rolleyes:

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