Open the MBP - Lifting up the Topcase- Problems


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Jul 11, 2007
Heart of EU
I Just got my brand new MBP 2.2 with a WD 250GB HD. The Guide on says : "... Once you have freed the sides, you may need to rock the case up and down to free the front of the upper case." - a little bit unclear - Without pressure i cant get the top-case of , on the right front side the upper case "feels" like being still mounted -. (Tried it with a credit card, no luck)

Any ideas? How many inches/cm you needed to raise the back side to get it out? - at about 20° the part of the lower case over the slot-in drive begins to arch...


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Jun 19, 2007
it takes A LOT of pulling on the front (the part with the lid latch) of it to get it to unsnap, its held in with tight clips that require just as much force to get it back down, so just keep lifting up from the outter edge working your way twords the middle, if you bend the keyboard a little just bend it back the other way, do try and reach inside and pull the keyboard ribbon off first, it just lifts straight up to disconnect... once you get the keyboard off its a piece of cake, just remember when putting it back on you have to really push down on the front hard to get the snaps back in place, but they will go.


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Nov 16, 2005
Just be VERY careful not to bend the thin aluminum right above the F12 and esc keys when you're rocking it. I did that once without using too much force. Luckily, the machine failed within a few days anyway and I got a replacement from Apple.