OpenGL Core Profile breaks my app

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by UniEdit, Jun 23, 2013.

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    Jun 13, 2013
    I know this is a common title, but I don't even know what the problem is. I have been working on porting my OpenGL 1.1 app to 3.2 and I am not getting anything on the screen. I have set up all of my shaders properly, as evidenced by the fact that using a legacy profile gives me gorgeous results. It sounds like I need to set up a VAO, so I did it before I compiled shaders. Still nothing. I am getting no error messages, no crashes, freezes, or anything - just a window with a background color equal to the color I set with glClearColor. I cannot go in to too many details because I am using some Mavericks-specific code and that is under NDA, but even with non-Mavericks stuff running on Mountain Lion I am not getting anything.

    Do I need to set up a VBO too? Do vertex arrays not work anymore?

    In addition to answering those two questions, can somebody give me a good link to some Cocoa code (as much plain C as possible) that can help? All I can find with Google is a bunch of C++ and C# code that uses syntax I have never seen before, so I can't get much out of them.
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    Google search terms:
    opengl sample

    Links to Apple sample code, from the first page of results:

    Or visit Apple's main Dev Navigation site:

    then click Sample Code on the left, and enter opengl as the search term.

    As a strategy, I suggest reversing your current approach of trying to make non-working code work. Instead, take one of the sample projects (presumably known-working), build it, and confirm it works. Then start modifying it to incrementally approach your non-working code. Recompile and rerun frequently (after every change wouldn't be too often). When the code stops working, you've found the critical difference.

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