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    I've read through several threads and searched a bunch, but only thing I keep pulling up is opening the webpage with Safari. Which isn't the goal in this. Maybe I'm not searching the correct words, but all I'm getting is the same results every time.. :/ I'm missing something with my searching obviously, I just do not know what...

    The goal: Click a button -> Open the webpage within the app

    The webpage updates with live results of a timing system for my local autocross region.

    I'm using Xcode 5.0.2. Any help will be appreciated! If you have any links to information, please send them my way.

    After I posted this I found the below, this looks like it might give me what I want..

    @property (nonatomic, strong) IBOutlet UIWebView *webView;
    @synthesize webView; 
    NSURL *url = [NSURL URLWithString:@""]; 
    NSURLRequest *requestURL = [NSURLRequest requestWithURL:url]; 
    [webView loadRequest:requestURL];
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    Yes. UIWebView will display an html page. The page can be local, inside your app, or a real internet URL, like It's not a web browser but it is a very full functioned web page display view.

    Something like the code you show will work.

    If you look through apple's sample code you'll find some examples.
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    I found plenty of search results for:
    uiwebview tutorial
    uiwebview sample code

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