Opening/copying multi-part .dmg files from multiple discs?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by agmetal, Dec 26, 2010.

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    My friend and I are trying to move some software from her old computer to a new one. She burned a large installer .dmg file to two CDs, in 4 parts. Even having both discs loaded into the computer (one in the internal drive, the other in an external), we can't get the main .dmg file to recognize the two parts from the other disc.

    When we try to copy the .dmg and .dmgpart files from the disc to the hard drive, we end up getting an error message, and Finder basically freezes. Is there any way to make this work with what we've got, or were they burned incorrectly to begin with?

    The error message says:
    "The Finder cannot complete the operation because some data in 'XXXXX.004.dmgpart' could not be read or written. (Error code - 36)"

    The old computer is out of the picture right now, so we can't just copy the file(s) directly from there.
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    Feb 27, 2009

    I did some googling about Error 36 and read that someone who had a similar problem found that it was apparently a Finder issue, and by using Terminal, he was able to get around the we tried that and got it working (after some experimentation with command lines).

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