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    Hi everyone,
    I underwent a number of medical procedures recently (ugh!) & now have 2 CDs of medical records. I would like to open them but can't. Background: I am using an early 2009 MacBook running OS X 10.9.5
    CD #1 has a Windows-only program on it called MiDent View & requires the use of MiPACS CD Viewer. The program won't open on my Mac & so I can't view the images.
    CD# 2 seems to use a program called lbxstart.exe. Again, the program is Windows-only.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to get access to the images?* Thanks.

    *Neither medical provider has been at all helpful in getting me access to the images. I have access to a windows computer but it lacks a CD drive. My neighbors are all Apple users as well. Renting a machine from Kinkos would be a last resort.
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    My First suggestion would be to get a Windows computer (borrow from family) and try to export the images to a flash drive.

    Beyond that you might try WineBottler and see if you can run it that way, if you don't have any luck with that you can try installing VirtualBox and create a virtual machine using a windows disk (you can pick up an evaluation copy from Microsoft), no need to enter a product key/activate if you can export the files. Neither of these methods are for the faint of heart. WineBottler may work as is, but some applications require a little customization to get them working.
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    What is the file extension of the image files?
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    Many of these types of cd's are windows only and typically they include a display application on the CD. You have to get a Windows machine with a CD drive.
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    Oct 5, 2014
    I like the idea but the skills could be over my head.
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    The files of both CD#1 & CD#2 show as Unix Executable File. I don't see an extension and could not find one when I tried getting information on the files. Here is a typical sample file name: 28400B9A.
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    For reading image files created by CT and PET scans (possible for xrays as well), I believe there is an app out there called "OsiriX":

    Try this, if you haven't already.

    If the files you're trying to look at are -images-, try downloading Graphic Converter (free download), and opening them with that. Either use the "open" dialog, or navigate to where the images are, then "drag n drop" them over the Graphic Converter icon in the dock.

    It worked for me (before I found OsiriX) when nothing else would.

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