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    After spending my entire day trying to figure this out and scouring the web for help I've finally given up and made a thread.


    My connection sharing is 'Off' (Bridge Mode)

    In all the tutorials I've seen no one seems to have a problem with it. But when you connection sharing is off you cannot access the 'Port Mapping' tab in the advanced settings.

    Changing connection sharing to 'Share a public IP address' shuts off my internet and Airport claims to have a 'Double Nat' error and suggests I turn connection sharing off.

    I believe I have successfully changed to a static IP address, although I'm still not sure.

    Can anyone enlighten me?
  2. AlanShutko macrumors 6502a

    Jun 2, 2008
    What is the Airport plugged into? If you got a double-NAT error when trying to share a public IP, it sounds like it's plugged into some other router. If that's the case, you should try to put that router into bridge mode, and share the IP from the Airport, or try to open up ports on the other router.

    As an example, I have AT&T uverse, so I have an AT&T router, and an Airport Extreme. I configured the AT&T router to put the Airport in "DMZplus" mode, and the Airport has a public IP and shares the internet with the rest of the house (doing DHCP and NAT).
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    My modem goes straight into my Airport Extreme, that's why I don't understand what's going on...
  4. Consultant macrumors G5


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    Bridge mode = no port forwarding
    Share a public IP address = wrong

    Port forwarding requires you have multiple computers, otherwise there is nothing to forward to.

    You should just set it up using the simple mode, which uses DHCP to create a local network. After that

    - assing computer static IP
    - foward ports to computer

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