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    A few months ago, I was thinking about OpenAL & OpenGL and wondered what other Open(Letter)Ls there were so I went to and found OpenRL is apparantly an API that helps speed up movie encoding and is supported by a company called Aspex semi-conductors ( that designs PCI cards for this. It would be cool if Apple and Aspex teamed up to design a board that helps speed up encoding. iDVD takes quite a long time, but I was using only an eMac. While I'm sure Final Cut Pro on a Power Mac G5 Quad would be fast, it could probably go faster.
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    It would be cool, I cant open the openletter site so I cant see if there are any other supporters for OpenRL, but if its one company im not surprised we havnt heard a lot of OpenRL yet. personally im a big supported of any open standard.
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    These options are available if you have the money - they're only usually feasible for professionals or video production companies where any extra time spent encoding is money lost.

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