Opera 10.5 promise 3x faster JS than current leaders

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by clevin, Dec 22, 2009.

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    you can download it and goto http://dromaeo.com/ to measure for yourself.

    its probably real.

    However, this must be something completely new, webkit, chrome, and firefox are doing something similar to jit, which theoretically will dump all the work load on to cpu directly, so the js speed would be very very fast, approaching what it would like when it run naively on hardware, rather than being processed with browser.

    If Opera 10.5 can be even faster than native cpu work, i can't help but thinking it might be using GPU or something else to accelerate the process multiple times.

    now, I have no idea exactly how it works, but im happy opera found an innovative way that other browser are bound to follow.

    still, js speed only mean as much as where js are important.
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    I have been playing around with Opera 10.5 (Pre-Alpha)... It has quite a nice interface and looks quite "Mac-Esque" which I like, better than Chrome IMHO. From a speed point of veiw I didn't notice much of a difference visiting my usual sites... But after visiting some flash heavy sites the difference is quite remarkable, its much faster at loading flash and some quick time movies also load faster even You Tube was quite impressive (But not when you view in HD, then its about the same).

    There are some nice little touches for example when a tab you are not looking at completes loading it gets a little dot on it (Similar to the dot under open applications on your Snow Leopard Dock).

    The fit to width feature is a bit buggy, but I'm sure they will fix it in future releases.

    There is also a button on the bottom where you can hide all images kinda weird but I guess it could be helpful if you are trying to read something and there are too many annoying ads - but this doesn't work on all sites... On the wired site I tried to give it a go and all the images disappeared except for the ads (Hmmm...)

    Its definitely not usable as your main browser - in testing the thing crashed about 3x in 10mins but its definitely worth keeping an eye on once its ready for a Beta release or a full release. I just wish it was as customizable as Firefox (Still my favorite).
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    That is not a new feature in 10.5 it was in an earlier release, perhaps 10.10.

    Also useful for those on low bandwidth connections, along with Opera Turbo it can be a real boost.

    Opera 10.5 is a switch from carbon to cocoa which means tighter integration with the OS UI scheme and it certainly looks more mac like. As other have said, and the "pre-alpha" moniker, it is crash happy.

    In terms of page speed Opera has always been fast with html rendering so the differences there aren't really noticeable from a visual perspective. The new javascript engine Carakan certainly whips the javascript side into shape as presented by the graph clevin posted. Taking the much loved sunspider bench mark alone

    Opera 9.64 - 8627.4ms
    Opera 10.2 - 6304.8ms
    Opera 10.5 - 643.6ms
    Safari - 547.0ms

    In terms of a jump and the difference Carakan makes :eek:

    Opera also now has Private browsing mode which is good.

    I like the ability to browse the cache via "opera:cache"

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