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    Oct 5, 2014
    Hi everyone,
    I own early 2009 MacBook. I would like to set up Opera as my email client. (I currently use MacMail as the client along with MacMail’s iCloud service for web and iPhone. I have not upgraded to Yosemite). The first time I tried to install Opera, the installer program asked me whether my email was POP or IMAP. I answered I have IMAP, which was wrong. The install did not work. I later called RCN, my internet provider, who informed me that I have POP email. I uninstalled Opera and tried to reinstall. However, when I tried to reinstall, the installer stopped asking what type of email I have! Consequently, Opera does not work. Does anyone have recommendations on how to fix this?
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    Feb 20, 2009
    My suggestion is to trash all of Opera's preference files, and start over.

    I suggest you download something called "EasyFind". It's free and is a useful search tool that you will want to keep around. I prefer it to any other.

    Open EasyFind and enter "opera" in the search window, make sure your boot volume is selected on the right.
    You might also want to select the "files and folders" radio button, and put a check into the "ignore case" checkbox and also a check into the "invisible files and folders" checkbox.

    Then click the magnifying glass on the right and let EasyFind do its thing.

    You should end up with a list of all the Opera-related files on your Mac.
    The files you need to delete are ".plist" files.

    Get rid of them, and the next time you start Opera, it should behave as if it were new.

    Alternate suggestion if that doesn't work:
    You might delete EVERYTHING (regarding Opera) that EasyFind finds, and "start completely over", with a fresh download and install of Opera.

    But try getting rid of the .plist files first...
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    Oct 5, 2014
    Hi Fishrrman,
    This is really helpful. Thank you!

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