Opinion - Best distribution Network Airports Wi-Fi Apple in my house

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    Jun 5, 2018
    I would like to know your opinion, about my distribution of Wi-Fi networks in my house.
    I live in a department
    The walls are made of concrete
    All points are in high places.

    1x Airport Extreme
    3x Airport Express (2nd Gen)
    1x Airport Express (1st Gen)
    3x Powerline PLC v200
    UTP cat6 cable

    Internet speed: 50Mb adsl connection by coax
    Normally connected devices: 13
    Most used protocol: 802.11n
    Most used network: 5Ghz
    Channel 2.4 / 5: Automatic
    Networks around: 40
    Encryption type: WPA2

    I enclose my amazing drawing made in illustrator cs2

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    Many times with WiFi, less is more. I would try using 2 WAPs and see how it works out. Without a site survey, it's anyone's guess as to the best location for each WAP.
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    Jul 30, 2009
    I second this sentiment. And, I would add that placing them too close doesn't help either.

    I would be inclined to use the Extreme as the main router, and one of the 2Gen Expresses in the kitchen. But, I would use the Powerline adapter to link it to the router if the kitchen does not have built in Cat6. Wireless extending with airports is not ideal, you will get significantly better performance with ethernet or Powerline links to the router. This is because wireless extending uses 50% of the radio capacity to link to the router, the other half for client connection. When ethernet linked, 100% of radio capacity is available for clients.

    If two don't cut it, add one at a time to the mix, but link them with powerline.

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