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Mar 13, 2012
Hi there

I have listed my 24" i-mac on craigslist for $500 and have recieved A LOT of interest, which is great, but it makes me wonder - am I ripping myself off?
Here are the details of my computer...Please advise:)

4G Memory
Processor: 2.66Ghz Intel Core Duo
i-Mac 9,1

Comes with Keyboard and mouse. I don't have the box anymore.


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Apr 21, 2010
Your getting a little ripped off my cousins had 2 of these, the same model and they sold them last week for $750 each


I would aim for atleast $700


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Oct 6, 2005
Always start the price a little high, tell people there is a lot of interest, don't be afraid to wait. Often people will try to make an offer lower, just tell them no, you just placed it for sale and want to see what the demand is like first before lowering your price. I give it a week or two, then look into lowering it. If you are in an absolute hurry to sell, thats a different story. I've also heard of people posting similar computers on fake accounts and marking it as sold. I don't think you need or should ever go that far.

The best thing is to keep tabs on the price in your market before deciding to sell because each market has a different price than every other area.

List your item clearly, explain the specs, model, condition, whats included (box? cables? keyboard/mouse?) and take good pictures in a clean, well lit environment.

Also, if the demand is really that high, don't be afraid to relist it for a higher price.


Jan 15, 2003
Heck, for $500 I'd buy it immediately if I lived anywhere close. I'd re-list it for $700 and accept anything over $600.

It's a great machine and is still capable of lots of good use. That said, the newer 21.5" iMacs are substantially faster, etc., with a screen that is only a bit smaller (and arguably better proportioned) than yours - which is what puts a limit of around $700 on yours (at least for me).

Hope that helps, and good luck with your sale!
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