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Sep 13, 2009
New York, USA
Either you guys are having a Ad hijack your front page or your using a very annoying survey (it bypassed Firefox's built in popup blocking).

The initial popup happens as soon as the user interacts with the page and then after navigating away from the MacRumors.com it redirects to http://survey.suitesmart.com/survey.sp?PAG=H;GID=18500;SID=112316;REF=;DOM=www.macrumors.com;PAT=/;SEA=

It doesn't even show a valid URL, if i view my history it shows https://www.macrumors.com/undefined

Source code from popup -
<HTML><head><title>OpinionMart Survey</title></head><BODY style="background-color:#FFFFFF;margin:0;padding:0;text-align:center;"><SCRIPT>function css(){var c = document.createElement("LINK");c.type="text/css";c.href="http://static.suitesmart.com/css/de/de.css";c.rel="stylesheet";document.getElementsByTagName("HEAD")[0].appendChild(c);}css(); window.opener ? window.opener.focus() : self.blur();var serviceURL;var serviceWin   = null;var w = 340;var h=330;function RunService(){ self.moveTo(200,200); location = serviceURL;self.focus(); };function CheckDomain() {  try{ var oDom = opener.document.domain; CloseMe(); ct  = setTimeout("CheckDomain()", 50); } catch(e) {  var st = setTimeout("RunService()", 1000*0); }  };function CloseMe() { if (opener.StopService) opener.StopService(this);if (opener.ftgSurveySuppress) this.close(); };var ct = setTimeout("CheckDomain()", 50);</script><div class="h"><img src=http://static.suitesmart.com/images/invites/l.gif border=0 align=left></div><A HREF=JavaScript:RunService()><IMG SRC=http://static.suitesmart.com/images/ae/invites/dexit.gif border=0></A></BODY></HTML>


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Apr 24, 2006
I see these too. Bypassing Safari's popup blocker.

These are not banner adds... they're popups that show up when I navigate from the front page to a forum posting.

Really, really annoying.
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