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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Aniseedvan, May 13, 2015.

  1. Aniseedvan macrumors 65816

    May 14, 2012
    Now at least a few people have had their watches a while, I'd like to solicit opinion more from those who've had notifications on their wrist in a past form (pebble, etc).

    I pre-ordered a Garmin vivoactive and was one of the first to get mine in the UK so I've had it from the word go. I had a fenix v1 and a vivosmart before this, so get the notifications on the wrist advantage.

    I was adamant I wouldn't get the 1st gen apple watch; given my VA is my alarm clock (I get a weeks battery if not using the GPS), it's a thin waterproof watch, but is still rather big on my tiny wrist.

    So I'm now having second thoughts; I think the VA is here to stay for it's advantages but I do wonder as a day watch whether I will get better benefit from the apple watch.

    I know everyone's use case is different, but I'd be interested to hear some views. Has the apple watch been the upgrade you'd hoped? I'm less fussed about the appearance and more the functionality.

    Currently I have notifications for various apps, VIP mail, but I am quite selective; there's only about 5-10 out of 160 apps that are in notification centre..


    Should add, the disconnection alerts on the VA are driving me bonkers (i.e. leave phone in one part of the house and walk somewhere else).
    This is what has driven me to look again at the apple watch...
  2. cwosigns macrumors 68000


    Jul 8, 2008
    Upgraded from a Pebble, to a Pebble Steel, and finally to the Apple Watch SS with Milanese loop.

    It's definitely an upgrade. I use it in much the same way, except that the notifications are actionable now. I don't use 3rd party apps much, except Swarm. Battery life has been phenomenal. It's a much nicer looking watch. I am pretty selective about notifications I receive as well.
  3. Bromeo macrumors regular

    Mar 6, 2015
    Near Seattle
    Upgraded from a Black/Leather Moto 360 to an Apple Watch Sport 38mm (Space Gray/Black). The Apple Watch fits my 160mm wrists so much better, it is akin to my Rolex Air King. I just don't even feel it like I do with the "tuna can" Moto 360.

    What is funny to me is the Moto 360 is slightly thinner than the Apple Watch, yet the AW sits flatter and closer to my wrist. With the straps coming out from the ends instead of the bottom, it just looks much sleeker and better proportioned.

    Notifications are great, and I like that if I look at the watch immediately after a notification arrives, I can see what it is about. If I miss it or don't look at it, there is a simple red dot indicating a pending notification... much better than seeing a stack of cards obscuring the bottom third of the watch face as with Android Wear, at least for me. Google Now cards remind me too much of the day's mail piled up on the floor in front of my front door.

    Health tracking on the AW is leaps and bounds better than the M360. AW can measure my heart rate even while I'm running, where the M360 would just give up with an error message. The M360 step counter was a joke with no way to calibrate stride length, so it constantly underestimated my distance. AW on the other hand is spot on.

    Battery life has been fine, and even the disc charger for the AW is quite nice. It lets the watch, at least with the sport band, simply lay flat on my side table. The charger makes a satisfying click as it magnetically snaps to the back of the watch. I thought I would miss the M360's nifty charging stand/bedside clock mode, but turns out it's just different.

    For what it's worth... yes, it's an upgrade. Best of luck.

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