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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by chadgroove, May 10, 2006.

  1. chadgroove macrumors newbie

    May 9, 2006
    I posted this a while ago. Obviously alot has changed since May. How much do you think I could fetch for this same Powerbook now? I am definitely looking to sell it now.


    Late last November, I bought a 1.67ghz 15 inch high res Powerbook DL (i know.. i know.. the MBP was coming.. but I needed it). I love it!.. but at the same time I'm tempted to sell it and buy a MBP as my job requires me to be mobile, and our offices of course use Windows Server, XP, Exchange which I not only need to access, but administer on occasion. Being able to boot to OSX, or XP off a MBP would make integration w/ my office easier. (please let me know if you think selling the PB and buying a MBP is an unwise decision, and why)

    If anyone would like to offer up their opinion on how much I would be able to sell it for, and the best method to do so (craigslist, ebay, here?) I’d really appreciate it!

    About the PB: Pretty much perfect condition. I've taken near obsessive care of it (I use iKlear on the screen when needed). As well as upgraded the RAM and HD. Aesthetically it looks near brand new. It’s been more of a portable Desktop since I haven’t traveled as much since I got it (it just sits on the iCurve stand and it’s attached to a 20in Cinema display.. I purchased Applecare for it as well, which I the potential buyer would inherit w/ the computer.
    Here are the specs of my Powerbook:

    15.2 Inch Powerbook DL (5,8)
    1440 x 960, high res, TFT 15.2 inch widescreen display
    1.67 Ghz G4 Processor
    1.5 GB of DDR2 RAM (512MB Apple original, 1GB Crucial RAM upgrade)
    100 GB, 7200rpm HD (Upgrade Apple Cert. from 80GB 5400rpm original)
    128 MB ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 Video
    8x Dual Layer Super Drive
    Analog/Digital Optical Audio In and Out

    (A $15 toslink cable from the PB to a HT or 5.1 receiver really does make an enormous difference. I can't believe Apple doesn't tout this feature more.)
    Obviously it also has:
    Bluetooth 2.0, Airport Extreme, FW 400&800 ports, Backlit keyboard. and all the other standard features of this model PB.

    As far as extras and software:
    Buyer would inherit the Applecare coverage which I bought and activated in March.
    I have the original box, manuals, Restore DVDs, etc.
    A Tucano Second Skin Neoprene case
    1 iLife 06 Retail DVD, and Office 2004 which I purchased (Legal, will come w/ serial & Box, etc.)

    I also have a 30GB iPod photo that I have been looking to sell, which I would consider including for a discount.. though it may be best to just sell it separately
  2. silversyren macrumors member

    Apr 9, 2006
    I just paid 1300$ for the same powerbook but with 80gb hd off ebay but it was a lucky break. The bidding went to 1450$ but the high bidder had to back out and the seller gave me a second chance offer. It also didn't have any of the nice extras yours has -- so I'll be shelling out a couple hundred in a few months if I want to extend AppleCare.

    A three-week old stock refurb went for 1475$ off ebay. (I was watching it to see if prices were on the way down because of the upcoming macbooks.)

    You'll probably be able to get at lowest around 2000$.. flawless condition, AppleCare, software, etc. The AppleCare is really, really appealing.
  3. brikeh macrumors 6502a


    Jan 24, 2006
    I wouldnt purchase a 15" mbp today. Seems to be a gamble.
  4. chadgroove thread starter macrumors newbie

    May 9, 2006
    yeah.. I have some reservations about it.. the stories of whining.. heat.. etc.. There are always rumors about processor upgrades coming up too.. I don't mind not having top of the line. I’m fine with a 1.83 or 2.0 ghz instead of a 2.1ghz I prefer to not pay $300 extra for 160mhz of processor speed etc anyway..... (though to be fair the 256 VRAM comes with the 2.1ghz MPB.) Really I’m fine with my Powerbook for the most part.. but if I could catch at least $1,700 for it, I’d be willing to take the risk.

    I know very few people who have bought a MBP who have used macs long enough give me a good review on it. My friend has an Intel Mac Mini Core Duo, which I've played around with. UB apps run pretty fast (he only has 512 RAM.. If he had a gig I bet you'd see a huge difference).. PowerPC stuff ran about equal to my Powerbook or way way slower. That is part of why I bought a G4PB in Nov 05.. I didn't think the MBP would be "ready for prime-time" until most major Apps were UB, and kinks got worked out..

    1 person I know who just bought an MBP loves it. No problems (yet).. though he’s a recent Windows convert, so I’d be thrilled too if I were him (what? no spyware or viruses?!?! AMAZING!!) ... and like I said Bootcamp is a big enticement for me to go MBP.. I could wait until late June to see if upgrades come out, or if the heat/noise issues get worked out.. but the longer I wait the more my PB devalues.. I may see if I can kidnap a friend MBP for a few hours and do some benchmark tests and monitor temperature as well as noise.
  5. ImNoSuperMan macrumors 65816


    Dec 1, 2005
    I think you`ll get a lil lower than that. About 1800$. The best way to sell it off on ebay is to put a minimum starting price you`d take for it. eg I assume you wont be selling it off for less than 1800. So start the auction at 1800 only. 1$ auctions are crap. Also put a reasonable BUY IT NOW price you`d want it to sell for. Say 2050$. Dont go for a 1or5or10 day auction. Make it a 3 day one. Relist if you dont sell it in the first attempt. Dont forget to include all the details and included accessories. One more thing. Dont allow international bidders to bid on it.

    This worked for me wen I sold off my 4 month old iBook for bout 10% loss. Here`s the link.(Dont comment bout the description of the iBook. This was the best I cud do. And it did work.)
  6. chadgroove thread starter macrumors newbie

    May 9, 2006
    Powerbook Value (5 Months later)

    I am going to attempt to sell this Powerbook now. Alot has happened since May. Anyone want to take guess at what it might fetch now? Any tips on the best way to sell it? I'd greatly appreciate it.

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