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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by helloshirosan, May 3, 2014.

  1. helloshirosan, May 3, 2014
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    Currently I use a Canon Vixia HF G20 for creating lifestyle videos and love it. On the go I use a Canon ELPH 330 HS and it has been great for carrying it in my pocket and pulling it out to capture footage at a moments notice. I also use this point and shoot for vlogging segments in the car mounted on my windshield, but the downfall is that it battery dies pretty quickly so I'm only left with a single backup battery that usually isn't enough for the rest of the nights outing.

    Recently, I have been looking at the Go Pro cameras as a solution for in the car segments only and saving my point and shoot for just out and about footage on foot at events and such. I also like some of the features offered from the Go Pros especially, higher frame rates and the ability to slow down video and still keeping the footage in HD. I have a chance to buy a brand new Go Pro Hero 3+ Black Edition with 25% off savings and no tax. Basically $300 and they sell $399 regular price. Is this a good deal or should I wait to see how much they sell for during black friday or cyber monday this year? The only incentive for me to wait until then is because there's a rumors that the Hero 4 is coming with usually 4K frame rates. Even though its not a must have for better frame rates at 4K resolution. I might use it in the future. Should I jump at the deal I'm currently being offered and call it good? What do you guys think?
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    If you could put the question in the title so that I know if it's worth reading the whole post.
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    The question is to buy now or wait. With electronics waiting will always get you a better deal but you miss a lot of shots not having a camera while you are waiting.

    So my answer is "if you need the camera NOW buy it NOW. If you don't need the camera then don't buy it."

    In my opinion used SLRs are the best deal for video.
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    Bought the Hero 3+ Black Edition

    Thanks for the advice. Yeah I wouldn't miss much because I do use my point and shoot in the car currently. I went ahead and purchased the Hero 3+ Black Edition. Although it doesn't have usable 4K frame rates, 2.7K as I watched on a review was good enough. DSLR's will be always better for video, but since I don't take pictures, it would be a waste and find that the time limit on the recording features of all DSLRs is something I don't like. For youtube videos, my HF G20 DOF is fine.

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    Please check this post. The OP and many others have a bone to pick with you.
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    the hero4 will be out in October until then grab a H3B+, go pro is amazing a few minutes before reading your question I was just thinking I visit go pro.com and their Facebook more than macrumors or apple.com which is bizarre for me I'm a Apple fanboy to the max, GoPros are incredible sure there are other action cams but this is the best in the same way the iPad is the best tablet around.
    GoPro comes alive with the mounts and the other thing is you'll want more than one go pro too, at $300 it's a must buy you'll absolutely love it, as far as cameras are concerned we all need an SLR an iPhone and between those two is a go pro-truly the coolest company to come around in a long time.
    Apple Canon and GoPro are my obsessions these days.

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