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Feb 9, 2011
Staffordshire, England
When I shut the lid of my mbp and it goes to sleep, and then I open it again after around 10 minutes, the optical drive makes that mechanical noise you hear on startup. I looked around and people say it's checking to see if there is a bootable disc inserted, but surely it should only do that when the mac is booted up from shut down rather than when the mac is woken after sleeping for 10 minutes. I'm pretty sure this has only started happening since I upgraded to a Samsung Evo SSD, unless there was an update that caused this to start happening. Anyone have any idea what's causing this?


Aug 27, 2012
My last superdrive equipped MacBook always did that as well. It's loud for sure!


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Feb 9, 2008
It's normal. It does this with my USB connected [tray loading] optical drive as well. I think it's built into the drive and has nothing to do with Apple.

For my tray loading drives I can hear it spin up and down to check if there is a disc in the tray.


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Dec 7, 2002
New Zealand
I think it's built into the drive and has nothing to do with Apple.

Yep (and I should've mentioned that in my post but was a bit distracted at the time). Yes, it's just something that the drive does when it gets power, presumably to detect whether there's anything in there. My desktop does the same thing.
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