Optical drive won't accept or eject

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Project Alice, Jul 6, 2017.

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    I have a black 2008 MacBook, when I bought it, it had a disc stuck in it. I opened it up, got the disc out. Couldn't save the drive, I assumed it was bad anyways. I bought a new one, just got it installed about 10 min ago, and it does the same thing! The drive is unused, and it is the correct thin model for the MacBook. It's like the case is applying pressure on it but I can't find anything that could be doing that. In fact the back of the case seems a little lose. So I'm at a loss. I need an optical drive, and the disc out. Preferably without breaking this drive.
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    Most optical drives have a manual ejection mechanism. With the type used in the portables, it may or may not have one. But, I would suggest looking up your drive model and seeing if there is a manual ejection mechanism and where it is located if it exists.

    I would be curious whether OS X is even acknowledging that the drive is present. Could be a faulty cable/Connection/interface.

    If you have another machine that you could temporarily connect the drive to, you might also be able to eject the disc that way.

    I would not recommend purchasing a SSD to install until after you have verified that the data connection is functional.

    But... I would agree that an external optical drive is a very good alternative.

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