Optimal set up to stream music?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by brayhite, Oct 26, 2011.

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    I've posted numerous times on here about how crappy the Apple TV is (in my opinion at least). In brief, I feel like it's very inconsistent with streaming quality whether it be from my computer or my iPhone, often times AirPlay messing up or the unit needing to be unplugged just so that the remote will work.

    So this makes me ask: what is the best most optimal set up to ensure that music and AirPlay will work as flawlessly as possible? I bought an Airport Express to plug in directly behind the Apple TV (the ethernet port is already being used, but possibly a splitter could work?), hoping the closer proximity of a second router being used along with my Airport Extreme Base Station would increase the quality of streaming.

    Well, it didn't. Not enough to notice, anyways. So would a splitter be a viable option and plugging the Apple TV into the AE? I can't tell if I just have too much wireless traffic (numerous wireless devices are connected at all times, either streaming Netflix, playing games, or surfing the interwebs) or a bad set up. Any tips would be awesome.

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    A wired Ethernet connection is always going to be more stable and faster than wireless, well for the foreseeable future anyway. I didn't have any issues with wireless personally when I was using it (predominantly for streaming lossless music), but there are a lot of things that can interfere with it. By a 'splitter' do you mean a switch e.g.


    Another option where you don't have Ethernet nearby and want to avoid wireless is to use powerline networking which can work well. I use 200 mbps ones with my Apple TV.

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