iPhone XR Optimized charging no longer working


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Jan 13, 2007
iPhone XR, on iOS 13.5.1. For many months, my phone did what it's supposed to do with optimized charging: It would charge to 80% and then stop there and not finish charging until like 5 in the morning (I know this by having looked at the battery charge bar chart). Worked like a charm. But some recent update or something seems to have broken that and now every single night it shoots straight to 100% and stay that way all night. This, despite the fact that I still keep the same *time* schedule as before (bedtime, work alarm for morning). Admittedly, I don't go into the office anymore since March so my locations are different. But March was a long time ago now.

Anyone else notice this? Does it have to completely re-train itself after every x.x.x release?

now i see it

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Jan 2, 2002
You're the first person to report that it ever worked.
Instead of using that dumb feature that clearly isn't reliable for a lot of people, just get a smart wall timer. Have it start charging an hour (or whatever) before you get up. Guaranteed to work every time.
There's some small, smart wall sockets that you set up with Bluetooth that can be programmed with a countdown timer or multiple time of day ON/OFF schedules.
Revogi makes an OK one
"Revogi Smart Meter Plug"



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Jan 24, 2013
Johannesburg, South Africa
Optimized Charging worked for a like a few months on my XS Max and I have not seen it work even once on my 11 Pro Max, lol. I’ll be shocked the day it actually works.

I always keep it turned On, but it just never works.


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May 18, 2020
Yorkshire, England
Odd that so many of you seem to have issues. Myself and my partner both have the XR, her since November and myself from April this year.
From them being around 2 weeks old it has just worked, totally as it should. Even when I moved from wired to wireless charging last week it carried on the same as ever.
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