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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by nineohtoo, Aug 30, 2010.

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    Hi. I was hoping I could get some input here. I don't own a TV and usually just use Hulu, Netflix, and private trackers for television and movies on my laptop. I was never that big on video quality, but am bothered when it's pretty low. Occasionally when I visit friends or family I might use my MBP as a video source with an MDP to HDMI adapter. I'm also starting to use my iPad for a bit of Netflix and maybe I'll use more Hulu when some of the programs I usually watch are back. The thing is, there are times where I'd like to have access to a television show when I don't have internet, and I also want to avoid stealing. I've also been doing my best to avoid purchasing new physical media that I can get digitally. But i'm a little on the fence with digital video.

    I understand that my options are DRM files from Amazon and iTunes. I have no issues with the prices since they're sometimes close to BluRay. I'm just curious about how limited they might be in terms of use, and capabilities. I usually wirelessly stream my video's sound to my iPod HiFi with my Airport Express by using audio desynchronization with VLC. Since I'll have to use iTunes or Amazon VOD for playback, I'll lose wireless audio and have to use my MBP which kinda sucks(but I've gotten used to with Netflix and Hulu). Another thing that I'm kind of interested in is in audio commentaries, which doesn't seem available at all. It's not a deal breaker because it's rare that I use them, but there are some episodes or films where I'd be really interested to hear em(like Inception, whenever it comes out).

    So which would be a better choice since I want to avoid BluRay and DVD? It seems like even though iTunes HD videos are a bit crippled, they work mostly fine for my needs. I'll just have to do without wireless audio, unless there's a way for me to remove the DRM so I can use the audio desynchronization with VLC. Like right now Doctor Who season 5 is $30 on Amazon and $34 on iTunes. The seasons of Chuck are priced about the same too(a tad cheaper on Amazon) I'm sort of leaning towards iTunes for the fact that I can use it with my iPad. Or since I don't care too much about video should I just bite my lip and buy the DVDs/BluRays upon release and rip them to my hard drive?

    Thanks for any suggestions and input.

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