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    Ok, not directly related to AppleTV, but its a home theater question, so hopefully someone can provide some help. I'm moving in a few weeks from an apartment to a 3 bedroom house, and want to maintain some semblance of surround audio for my media center. In the current apartment, I was able to run speaker wire in the corners of the room to mount my rear speakers on the side walls, and it worked alright.

    The new place has a layout where such a solution isn't going to work; the living room and kitchen are open space. Here's a very rudimentary drawing of the basic floor plan.

    The thin blue line is basically where the split between spaces occurs, but its all on single room with no dividing wall. Theres a center kitchen island, and the blue denotes where I'd like me entertainment center and gear. The major caveat; its a rental, so no drilling holes or any damage or holes in general into the walls or ceiling.

    Ideally I'd like to come up with a solution that lets me keep my current 5.1 system while running wires nice and hidden, but at the end of the day, I'm thinking this may not be possible. To that end, I've been looking a little bit into sound bars, but I really have nothing to go on with those. I want something that can decode Dolby Digital/DTS (my TV will passthrough those via the optical cable) and something that gives me some attempt at filling a space. I'd really prefer not to spend over $300, with $230-250 being much preferred.

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