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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by mpayne2k, Feb 4, 2013.

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    May 12, 2010
    I bought a rMBP 15" off Best Buy's open box lineup locally. I have tried the checkerboard website to test my LG screen for IR and notice that if I keep the screen on the checkerboard for 5 minutes, then switch to the grey I see the screen retains the faint outlines of the checkboard for just over a minute or so.

    When I use the rMBP normally, ie. not looking for image retention, I see no issues at all, unless I get to a site or screen that is primarily grey. I was transferring some files the other night and switched over to Safari and it was still on the grey background website and faintly saw the folders and open windows from the main desktop. If I minimized them and had my standard desktop image, however, I see nothing.

    So, with this, I don't "really" see any IR in normal use. Is this something to just live with? I have 60 days to return the computer to Best Buy, but I know if I return it I won't get a good deal on a new one as the one I have. If I decide to keep it and it gets worse, I do have 1 year to play the Samsung screen lottery with the Apple stores here in Vegas.

    I guess I'm torn on keeping it and using it ignoring possible IR interruptions on a grey screen if for some chance I happen upon one. Or maybe the IR gets worse and I start seeing it in other colors or background colors. Who knows, I don't and this is why I'm asking opinions on the situation. Thanks!
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    Nov 17, 2012
    Here's my best advice for you.
    I've been following a 450 page Apple thread for a while now. If you have an LG screen, which you do, you're ****ed, unfortunately. Wait until it gets worse (this part sucks). Take it to an Apple store in a couple of weeks or so after setting up an appointment with a Genius. Before you go in, use your laptop for a little bit so it warms up (IR is more prevalent on warmer screens). Usually you have to wait a day or two (or 5) but you're guaranteed a Samsung screen. The only two issues you might face: it'll fail their IR test - in which you ask for a manager and they make an "exception".
    You have a customized laptop. Then it'll take a week or two.
    Best of luck to you.
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    May 12, 2010
    I guess I'll use it and see. I can't return it to Best Buy and get another one to see if I can get a Samsung without paying their full price for new.

    I really don't want to play the lotto game with Apple. You say they "guarantee" a Samsung, that is the case now?

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