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Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by jayducharme, Dec 26, 2007.

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    What are some reactions to this:


    The interface is the typical Windows mess of multiple menus, but the idea is what many Mac fans have been hoping for -- an ultra portable computer. Do you think the OQO will take off? And why does the site say it's restricted to Verizon and Sprint? I didn't see any mention that it's a cell phone.
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    Well, it's not like this is the first generation of the OQO... it looks like a nice improvement all around, generally. Reviews of gen one from users and press alike said it was an interesting concept, but much more niche than the traditional space of ultraportables or subnotebooks (traditionally more like 1.5-3.0 lb notebooks with keyboards that are at least loosely amenable to touch typing).

    I am very happy with the trade-down in size from my Apple notebook to my Eee, but I wouldn't go down from my Eee to an OQO for several reasons: (1) my phone -- a Blackberry -- or one of several other phones has a much more suited interface to walking around and thumbing; (2) The 7" screen I have right now is at the very lowest edge of size I'd consider usable for extended surfing of more than a few minutes; (3) I can type 70-80 wpm on my Eee and I don't see that happening on an OQO.

    The OQO does have an excellent complement of features, though. It's very nice engineering work to have crammed all that -- WiFi, BT, 3G data services, etc, into that package.

    But basically, I went from a 4.6 lb Apple notebook to a 2lb Asus, and I don't really miss having a bigger notebook (perhaps aside from the fact that I could probably use a few more gigs of flash storage, and also aside from the bugs with the current Asus product, none of which are inherent limits based on the size). I don't think I could trade my notebook in for the OQO and not miss my notebook, at which point it becomes another device in my briefcase instead of taking a device out and replacing it with something lighter.
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    the OQO range has been around in one form or another for quite a while along with a range of other manufacturers who produce similar devices (HTC, Samsung and Asus come to mind, but there are probably others). UMPCs seem to be moderately popular, having eaten into the high-end PDA market, but they're hardly setting the world alight.

    I strongly suspect that their time will come - as it did for laptops and smartphones, but that time isn't quite here yet - they're not usable enough to be a good alternative to a full-size laptop and they're too big for a lot of serious PDA users (myself included). It'll be interesting to see whether Apple decide to compete in this market and what new approach they're likely to bring to the party...

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