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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by GTI iphone, Oct 10, 2014.

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    Sep 20, 2012
    I ordered a 6 plus the morning of the launch. I went from processing to preparing, back to processing to preparing to ship multiple times. My shipping date was to be 10/13-10/20 and a pending charge was on my card for over 10 days.

    On 10/8 Apple cancelled my order. Currently I am talking to an iPhone support team in Texas, they're trying to determine what happened. They claim it was ATT, and they blame Apple.

    Currently I am frustrated waiting to find a resolution from Apple. They're trying to figure what happened before they expedite me a phone so this cycle doesn't repeat.

    Hs anyone else been through this type of scenario?
    My account is in AAA perfect standing, no issues.
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    Hey GTI, I made a call on your behalf. Here is the answer from ATT:

  3. mistersandman macrumors member

    Sep 24, 2014
    I had the same exact issue except I ordered mine the morning pre-orders went live. A week later even after they had already charged my card it got cancelled due to what they called "eligibility status" issues. So phone went from preparing to ship, to cancelled. I called, Att they said everything was fine. I called apple they said it must have been some sort of glitch. I had to place my order again and got pushed out almost 4 weeks to the back of the queue. I was pissed. I emailed Tim Ccok, someone responded, and after a while lot of back and forth to determine the issue I was able to get my phone on the date it was originally promised. Note though that everyone else that had preordered the same time I did already had their phones over 1 week already, but oh well.

    My theory of what happened is I had placed my order initially withy Att. Then subsequently cancelled hours later over the phone after I had managed to get an early reservation ticket on apple.com. Half a day after that I placed my order on apple.com. I have a feeling that due to the placed order, cancelled order and reorder the apple database was out of sync and a week later (even after they charged my card) when my order was about to ship apple checked my eligibility status and it showed I had already placed my order with att and cancelled it without question. I got a phone call "on behalf of Tim Cook" hours after sending my email and my issue was handled probably as best as they could given the circumstances. I too had to work with someone from Texas to get the issue resolved. It appears that Texas is where the apple.com support team sits.
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    Worst thing you can't do is order, cancel, order, cancel order when servers are swamped with millions of calls. Order and wait, don't confuse things even more.
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    yep, chances are there is some application or database job to sync the order status, eligibility, etc and when it reads that you had an order placed it will make the wrong entry into a database. not like people make all these entries manually

    and after years there will be a lot of these jobs to do these things and it might screw something up if you make too many orders and cancellations
  6. mistersandman macrumors member

    Sep 24, 2014
    I still think it is an error on their side. You would think that before charging a card or even before canceling the order, it would check the database to get an updated eligibility status. The time difference between my placed order and my cancelled order was over 1 week. They had 1 week to get an updated feed. You would expect that a company like apple would be able to figure this out. Then again, perhaps the feed that att was giving apple was old too. Either way, 1 week to update under any circumstances is unacceptable. I'm sure there were a big percentage of consumers that did the same exact thing of ordering, cancelling, and reordering somewhere else.
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    Aug 23, 2014
    I order most everything with great success direct from Apple with one exception, that's my iPhones.

    Because my carriers hold my contracts, I go through AT&T and T-Mobile directly. Why use Apple only to have one more layer of processing that's unnecessary? Every year I place an online order upon release and receive my iPhone at or before 10am the day the phone is first sold via Apple.

    Then I drive to the office which just happens to take me by my local Apple store. How nice it is to look at the massive line and laugh as I glance down to mine in its place in the center console, wirelessly connected to my audio, navigation, app center with its gorgeous eight inch display.

    Almost like hypnosis, Apple has such control over their customers they line up like lemmings, buy through Apple, yet it's impossible to complete the transaction without the blessing of their carrier.

    Otherwise intelligent people become Apple customers and common sense goes out the window... :)

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